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3 Amazing Things In The Moonfall Movie That Aired in February

Many Hollywood directors have made films with catastrophic natural disasters as the backdrop. However, its existence will continue to be awaited by filmmakers because they are the creators who often come up with various crazy ideas that may not have been thought of before.

There are also films that are based on rumors in the real world, then made into a “what if” narrative where the film will tell what possibilities will happen if it actually happens.

In the future, there will be ‘MOONFALL (2022) CELÝ FILM‘ from the cold hands of director Roland Emmerich about to be released in theaters. This film tells the story of the moon, Earth’s natural satellite, suddenly moves towards the planet where humans live and looks like it’s about to crash. The contributing factor, there is a mysterious force that moves the moon near the earth. A group of astronauts was assigned to prevent the occurrence of even greater chaos.

At a glance from the synopsis above, the director of ‘2012’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, and other top films of the disaster genre will again present a spectacular spectacle that shows the destruction on a massive scale on Planet Earth.

Apart from destroying and destroying, what are the audiences going to encounter in ‘Moonfall’?

1. Stunning visuals

If you watch ‘2012’ in the year of its release, it’s not an exaggeration if we are made to gape during the film. The splendid visuals of the devastation ravaged by Planet Earth really made the film the grandest of the year.

13 years after that, with visual effects that have certainly developed far, ‘Moonfall’ will be even more magnificent in terms of its CGI. Moreover, the money disbursed was not small. 140 million US dollars into the total funds used by Roland and the team, making ‘Moonfall’ the most expensive independent film in history.


When interviewed by Deadline, Roland mentioned that ‘Moonfall’ is a combination of ‘2012’ and ‘Independence Day’. Without any extraterrestrial elements, but still providing a twist that is worth waiting for.
From the five-minute video of the opening scene of ‘Moonfall’, Patrick Wilson is already shown battling some kind of nanotechnology that attacks him and the rest of the crew. The feeling will probably have the same level of tension as when watching the scene of Sandra Bullock being hit by debris in ‘Gravity’.

2. Awesome scoring

Roland again hooked up composer from Austria, Thomas Wander. Throughout Roland’s career, he had worked with Thomas many times. In the 2010s, the two of them were involved in three different films, one of which was ‘White House Down’, which tells of Channing Tatum, a police officer who takes action to save the president of the United States, played by Jamie Foxx.

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In ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’, Thomas is also lined up as a musical performer and shows a work that is as good as other films of the same genre out there. When the aliens are attacking humanity, the background music sounds very blaring. It is not impossible that Thomas will give the same treatment to ‘Moonfall’ and will feel the same sensation.

3. Rows of top actors and actresses

Halle Berry, John Bradley, and Patrick Wilson are names that no doubt have stuck in the ears of many people. Apart from them, there are other Hollywood stars who will also accompany the three of them.

Actor Michael Peña from ‘Ant-Man’ will play Tom Lopez, a wealthy car dealer who is married to Brian’s (Patrick Wilson) ex-wife. Michael often gets silly characters, therefore the presence of the US-born actor will definitely invite laughter while watching ‘Moonfall’.

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There is also a top actor Donald Sutherland as the person who controls NASA’s secret archives. He was undecided about whether to reveal the real secret to the world about the Apollo moon landings or keep it a NASA secret. With a capital of high flying hours, it is a guarantee from Donald that he will give a top appearance in ‘Moonfall’.