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4 Interesting Facts About the Blacklight Movie

Mark Williams, the director who also worked on the films ‘A Family Man’ in 2016 and ‘The Marksman’ in 2021, has launched a new action film. His latest film this time is no less interesting and exciting, titled Blacklight.

‘ Blacklight’ is an American action film directed and written by Mark Williams. Released on Friday (11/2/2022) yesterday, take a peek at four facts about Blacklight, let’s go!

1. Adapted from Another Scenario

Williams adapted the script from Nick May’s original screenplay entitled ‘Under Cover of Darkness’, a 1970s thriller based on true events.

2. Picking Liam Neeson as the Lead

The veteran actor Liam Neeson became the main role in this film. Later, the actor will play Travis Block, a freelance government agent who has a dark past. He will co-star with Emmy Raver-Lampman, Taylor John Smith, Aidan Quinn, to Claire van der Boom.

3. Full Synopsis of ‘Backlight’

Travis Block (Liaam Neeson) is a freelance government fixer with a dark past. He is classified as a dangerous man whose job it is to extract agents from undercover situations.

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One day, Block finds a shadow program called Operation Unity. This program can harm ordinary citizens. While the reason is known only to his superiors, FBI chief Gabriel Robinson (Aidan Quinn), whom Block had protected in the past. In order to uncover the truth and protect local residents, Block enlists the help of a journalist named Mira Jones (Emmy Raver-Lampman).

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This situation leaves Block stuck with his past when his daughter and granddaughter are threatened. Now Block must save the people he loves while uncovering the truth in order to atone for his dark past.

4. Long Production Period

Scheduled to premiere in 2022, the film, produced by Zero Gravity Management, The Solution, Entertainment Group, and more, kicked off in November 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. Then in early 2021, production will resume in Canberra. One year later, fans can finally watch this 108-minute film.