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4 Recommended Series That Aired in 2022 That You Must Watch

The recommended series, which aired in 2022, succeeded in making the audience curious about the end of the story in each episode. The reason is that there are recommendations for the most popular series with high ratings that will air in 2022. As is known, the series recommendations have several episodes that are connected to each other. No wonder if you want to watch a series of films, you need to follow the first episode to know the excitement of the series recommendation storyline.

Moreover, there are a number of recommendations for the best series and are a favorite of many people. To the extent that this series recommendation makes the audience addicted to know the end of the story. There are recommended series with animation, comedy, thriller, and romance genres. Want to know what are the complete series recommendations for all genres, both the latest and the old? Let’s check right here.


The first recommended series to air in 2022 is SEVERANCE. The series entitled SEVERANCE has the genre of drama, mystery and sci-fi. This means that there is an interesting storyline that combines science fiction. Meanwhile, SEVERANCE was released on February 18, 2022, with a total of 9 episodes. This series recommendation has a fairly high rating of 8.1 based on IMDb. Meanwhile, SEVERANCE presented a number of players, namely Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, and others.

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SEVERANCE tells the story of Mark Scout who is an office employee but has to take part in an experiment called Severance. Where Severance is a procedure that can make a person’s memories in personal life and work separated. But Mark gradually began to wonder what had happened to him. This makes Mark Scout try to find out the truth of the people who are members of the Severance experiment.


THE AFTERPARTY is a recommendation for the next series that you also don’t want to miss. THE AFTERPARTY is the latest series to air in 2022. Where the release begins on January 28, 2022. The THE AFTERPARTY series for the first season has a total of 8 episodes. Meanwhile, the rating for THE AFTERPARTY is quite good, namely 7.2 which also has comedy, crime, and mystery genres. In accordance with its genre, THE AFTERPARTY series revolves around revealing the perpetrators of the murder of a famous actor, Xavier.

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This story begins after a VIP party during a high school reunion. Every guest present is checked for investigation purposes. Everyone tells the story from their point of view. But who is the real killer of the actor? You can make this series recommendation an exciting and mysterious spectacle.


For fans of Korean dramas, there is currently a new series airing in 2022 which is also very exciting. This latest series recommendation is entitled BUSINESS PROPOSAL. Where until now the drama BUSSINES PROPOSAL is still on-going with exciting and interesting stories. Played by well-known Korean stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Se-jeong, Seol In-ah, and Kim Min-kyu, BUSSINES PROPOSAL successfully stole the audience’s attention. According to imdb, the drama BUSSINES PROPOSAL has a very high rating of 9.0. This series has a total of 12 episodes.

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While the synopsis of BUSSINES PROPOSAL tells the story of Kang Tae Mu, a young, handsome and rich CEO. Kang Tae Mu’s character doesn’t think about anything other than work. To the extent that the grandfather wanted to match Kang Tae Mu with his best friend’s son. One time, Kang Tae Mu went on a blind date with a beautiful girl named Jin Young Seo. Jin Young Seo, who doesn’t want to go on a blind date, asks his friend to disguise himself as him. This is where the encounter of Kang Tae Mu and his underling Shin Ha Ri disguised as girlfriends begins. How will their story continue? You can watch this Korean series through the Netflix channel.


ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 4 PART 2 is a recommended anime genre series that is also very fun for you to watch. The ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 4 PART 2 series will be released in 2022 with a total of 10 episodes. ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 4 PART 2 has the genre of action, mystery, fantasy which is also the best series with a fairly high rating.

This anime series is about Eren Yeagar who wants to take revenge for the death of his mother. Eren Yeagar has a deep hatred for Titans that led him to join forces with the Elite Survey Corps to kill the Titans. Can Eren’s mission succeed to avenge the Titans with the various obstacles he must face? You can watch the recommended ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 4 PART 2 series through the iQIYI channel.

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