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5 Films Postponed Due to Covid 19

Various films had to swallow the bitter pill to push back their screening schedule until the end of the year. Some even choose to screen the film in 2022.The James Bond film, titled No Time To Die, seems familiar with the delay in its broadcast schedule. So far, they have postponed their broadcast schedule more than four times until their final announcement will be released on October 8, 2021.

The resignation of Daniel Craig’s last film as a British spy seemed to have a domino effect in several cinemas in America and England. No Time To Die was originally scheduled to premiere in April 2020, then was pushed back to November 2020 and to April 2021 before finally changing again.

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The film’s production team intentionally postponed the show because they didn’t want No Time To Die to be broadcast online. Even so, they are worried because the delay will certainly not have a good effect on finances, especially investors.

For example, No Time To Die has a production cost of $250 million. So they must be able to at least be able to produce twice the production costs to cover the marketing or promotion costs they have already incurred.

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Great hopes were also given to No Time To Die, considering that several previous films were able to achieve success. Like Specter, which premiered in 2015 with $879 million, Skyfall (2012) topped out with $1.1 billion.

Cinema ticket sales are still the main source of income for filmmakers, so many are forcing themselves to wait for the release of the film.

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“There is currently no certainty in the (movie) marketplace, a date change is better than a change of venue or from the big screen to a smaller screen (online),” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore at CNBC.

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Apart from No Time To Die, there are also four other films that have been pushed back, they are: Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway which was pushed back to June 11, 2021, Cinderella to July 16, 2021, Ghostbusters: Afterlife to November 11, 2021 and Uncharted has no confirmation until now. February 11, 2022.