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5 Recommended Detective-themed Movies

Watching movies can be a fun activity. In fact, some people make watching movies as a hobby or favorite activity. Of the many types or genres, a film with a detective theme is one that is quite in demand by many people. Evidently, not a few people are looking for detective film recommendations on the internet.

There are many reasons why detective films can be in high demand. Because, watching detective films is very exciting. The mysterious plot can make the audience get lost in each scene. Not to mention, most detective films are also accompanied by scenes full of exciting and tense action.

Curious, what films are recommended for fun detective films to watch? Come on, let’s see the following reviews.


Talking about detective films, of course SHERLOC HOLMES is one title that should not be missed. The reason is, this detective film can be said to be quite legendary and has been produced several times. But one of the most popular and must watch is the version of Robert Downey which was produced in 2009.

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In this version, detective Sharelock Holmes tries to catch a criminal named Lord Blackwood. Shareloc Holmes’ action this time was so tense because he had to deal with time. The Shareloc Holmes mission must be completed before Lord Blackwood can carry out his action that endangers many lives.

Just like other versions, this version of SHERLOC HOLMES will also invite the audience to think like a detective. The audience will be anesthetized to continue following the plot from beginning to end.


For years, films about detectives have always featured the main character of an agile male detective. However, in 2020, the film ENOLA HOLMES finally appeared, with a female detective character who was no less agile and intelligent. It is said, Enola Holmes is the younger sister of the famous detective, Shareloc Holmes.

In the film, Enola is said to be 16 years old. Even so, the audience will be amazed by the agility of the teenage girl in uncovering the case of the sudden disappearance of her mother. Enola, had been underestimated by her brothers. With a desperate capital, Enola ran away from home to find her mother.

Curious, will Enola be able to find her mother and prove her abilities to her siblings? Just watch the story!


SEARCHING is also one of the detective film recommendations that should not be missed. This film is about the struggle of a father named David Kim to find his son who has mysteriously disappeared. David Kim launched the action like an intelligence. Every detail of the evidence is observed in detail and thoroughly.

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David Kim’s investigation began by suspecting his son’s closest friends. Until finally evidence after evidence was collected, and fact after fact was revealed. Not only giving tension and excitement, SEARCHING also shows how much a father loves his child. As a result, not only tense, the audience can also be touched and even shed tears. Curious, what’s the story like? Just watch SEARCHING!


When it was released in 2019, KNIVES OUT became a film that was discussed quite often. Broadly speaking, KNIVES OUT tells the story of the mystery behind the death of a great novelist who died suddenly and mysteriously. The biggest mystery of the novelist’s death lies in the families who seem to cover each other up.

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However, a detective Benoit Blanc, managed to sniff out irregularities in the mysterious death case. Benoit Blanc slowly but surely unraveled the facts that had been a mystery. The presentation style of the film, which is presented in an interview format, makes the audience feel as if they are directly involved in it. Just watch and feel the atmosphere!


The next detective film recommendation is MEMENTO. This film is a Christopher Nolan film with a neo-noir and mystery genre. Broadly speaking, MEMENTO tells about the life of Leonard Shely who is trying to uncover who is behind the murder of his wife with the limitations he has.

Leonard Shely has amnesia which makes it difficult to remember short-term events that he has experienced. MEMENTO’s plot is full of mystery. The mystery of MEMENTO is revealed slowly through the details shown. So, make sure to watch this film more closely.