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8 Facts about Spider-Man: No Way Home

The movie Spider-Man: No Way Home will open on December 15 in all theaters. There are 8 facts you need to know before watching the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home.

One of the facts that need to be known from this film is that the film Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes Holland’s Endgame.

This film tells the story of Peter Parker who finds it difficult to separate his life as a hero and a student.

Then, Peter asked Doctor Strange for help. Instead of being helped, being helped by Marvel seniors actually made Peter even more difficult to live his normal life.

What are 8 facts you need to know before watching Spider-Man: No Way Home?

The first facts about Spider-Man: No Way Home borrow the story from the Spider-Man film, One More Day

Like the Spider-Man movie, One More Day in it there is a darkest story that the identity of Peter Parker is very desperate with his life.

So, the first fact of the film is that Peter Parker decides to return to his evil source. Finally, Peter Parquet struck a deal with Mephisto.

Mephisto says that he can confirm that Peter’s identity will remain a secret as long as Peter gives up his marriage to Mary Jane.

The film Spider-Man: No Way Home tries to erase the public’s memory of Peter’s identity, but things don’t go according to plan.

The inclusion of Mephisto in the original story has once again fueled rumors about the character’s MCU debut.

The Opening Video of the First Minutes of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been confirmed to air on December 15, two days since this article aired. The closer to the broadcast day, the more interesting things to know.

One of them is the opening of the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie itself. The film’s opening begins right after the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The FFH ending is when Spider-Man is with MJ in New York after defeating Mysterio.

While they were together, suddenly a large LCD screen displayed the real identity of Spider-Man. The identity was revealed by J Jonah Jameson with his Daily Bugle media.

Spider-Man who was on a lamppost was suddenly shocked and cursed because his identity was discovered.

So, before continuing to read this article, this article contains SPOILERS more or less. So you can stop right here.

After knowing his identity was revealed, Spider-Man immediately jumped down to meet MJ who was surrounded by many people. They ask if MJ is Spider-Man’s girlfriend.

Things get even more chaotic when New Yorkers ask if Spider-Man killed Mysterio. The resident even tried to force him to take off Spidey’s mask.

In fact, when Peter tried to run away with MJ, other residents jumped in trying to prevent the two people from escaping.

Synopsis for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter Parker’s Identity Revealed & Faced with Spider-Man’s Old Enemy

Spider-Man: No Way Home will hit theaters on December 15, 2021.

In this Spider-Man film, Tom Holland will play Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Zendaya will play Marie Jane (MJ).

Meanwhile, the release date for the United States is December 17, UK on December 15, and India and Australia on December 16, 2021.

Quoted from Techradar, Tom Holland as Spider-Man will battle some of the more iconic villains.

Tom Hollan’s role in this film is expected to reprise his role in the animated film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the last film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to be released in 2021 after Black Widow, Shang Chi, and Eternals.

The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer shows the return of several antagonists such as Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman and Lizard as part of the film.

There are more points in the interesting plot between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange’s working relationship.

The first trailer confirms Peter Parker is seeking Doctor Strange’s help to maintain his secret identity as Spider-Man.

Peter Parker is having a hard time with all the publicity and gossip he killed Mysterio in the previous Spider-Man film, Far from Home.

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