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After We Fell: Does Have a UK Release Date Yet?

Here’s what you need to know about the UK release date for the third After movie; After We Fell.

Fans of the After franchise have been anticipating the release of the third instalment, After We Fell, since After We Collided dropped last year.

With Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford reprising their famous roles as Hardin Scott and Tessa Young, fans are eager to watch the story unfold between the lovebirds.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Praises Working Relationship With After We Fell Co-Star Josephine Langford

It was revealed that filming wrapped on After We Fell and the fourth instalment, After Ever Happy, back in February this year, as they were shot back to back in Bulgaria.

When will After we Fell release in the UK?

But is there a UK release date for After We Fell yet?

Here’s the low-down…

Is there an After We Fell UK release date?
Although the After franchise’s official Twitter confirmed international theatrical release dates back in April, the UK is still one of the dates that are yet to be confirmed.

They wrote at the time: “Due to COVID guidelines some dates may change. For those countries that are listed as TBA, our local partners are still planning, we know it’s hard, but please be patient!”

Fans have been taking to Twitter to speculate about when the movie will announce the UK release date as the first theatrical release is expected on September 1st across a number of European countries.

Other confirmed dates span out until October 2021, which will see the US fandom able to watch it this Autumn.

Although there’s been no word of when it’ll drop in the UK just yet, we’re sure it’ll be announced soon as we enter September.

Keep your eyes peeled on this page for more info as we’ll update it with a release date when it’s announced!

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After Ever Happy filmed at the same time as After We Fell, so there might not be a long wait for the fourth movie. A release date has yet to be confirmed though, but we do know it’ll be followed by a prequel movie and a sequel movie.

After We Fell and After Ever Happy director Castille Landon will write and direct the two new movies, with the prequel focusing on a younger Hardin (loosely based on Anna Todd’s Before) and the sequel centred on Tessa and Hardin’s children (spoiler alert, sorry).

After 3 cast: Who’s coming back in After We Fell?

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will, of course, be back as Tessa and Hardin, but there has been some enforced cast changes.

As a result of scheduling conflicts and the decision to move filming to Bulgaria, Shane Paul McGhie (Landon), Stefan Rollins (Richard Young), Karimah Westbrook (Karen), Charlie Weber (Christian), Candice King (Kimberly) and Selma Blair (Carol Young) haven’t returned.

Their roles have been recast with Chance Perdomo (Landon), Atanas Srebrev (Richard Young), Frances Turner (Karen), Stephen Moyer (Christian), Arielle Kebbel (Kimberly) and Mira Sorvino (Carol Young).

After We Fell will also star Fear Street’s Kiana Madeira as Nora, Louise Lombard as Trish, Rob Estes as Ken, Carter Jenkins as Robert, Angela Sari as Lillian and Anton Kottas as Smith Vance.

Since After Ever Happy filmed at the same time as After We Fell, we can expect everybody back for the fourth movie, which is set to be the final outing for Langford and Tiffin as Tessa and Hardin.

Even though there will be two further movies in the After series, the duo won’t reprise their roles as Hardin will be younger in the prequel and the pair will be older for the planned sequel.

“It is sad, because it feels like the end of an era. All these people that you’ve worked with and this character that you’re now so familiar with, it’s coming to an end,” said Langford of filming the final two movies.

“But it has to end, because you need that ending. Otherwise, there’s gonna be a lot of people feeling very unsatisfied. It’s such a really nice privilege to be able to bring a character’s arc and that story to completion.”

After 3 plot: What is After We Fell about?

If the trailer above and the second movie didn’t get you excited enough for the third movie, here’s the official synopsis to add to the hype:

“After We Fell finds Tessa starting an exciting new chapter of her life but as she prepares to move to Seattle for her dream job, Hardin’s jealousy and unpredictable behaviour reach a fever pitch and threaten to end their intense relationship,” it reads.

“Their situation grows more complicated when Tessa’s father returns and shocking revelations about Hardin’s family come to light. Ultimately, Tessa and Hardin must decide if their love is worth fighting for or if it’s time to go their separate ways.”

After We Fell is released in US cinemas on September 30. Its UK release date on Amazon Prime Video has yet to be confirmed.