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Anna Todd on (After We Fell): To be a writer, you simply need to write

Anna Todd, author and co-screenwriter of the recently-released romantic drama After We Collided, After Truth, and After We Fell talks about her journey from publishing stories on a storytelling platform to becoming a bestseller.

When Anna Todd spent her childhood days burying her nose in The Baby-Sitters Club and Goosebumps, little did she know that millions would read her books someday. She is now a published author with several books and films to her credit.

She started her writing journey on Wattpad, an online platform that publishes user-generated stories, which helped her publish her first book, After, in 2014. It was all uphill from there. Two of her novels — After and After We Collided — were adapted to films and she went on to write 10 more since. Despite mixed reviews, After We Collided, which had a limited release in theatres and is currently streaming on Netflix, became a success at the box office.

“If I wasn’t a writer, I have no idea what I would be. I would probably have an office job and would be daydreaming of being a writer”, says Anna, replying via e-mail.

After We Collided and After 3 Almas perdidas pelicula completa released worldwide and has been well-received. What do you feel about the film’s success and its lockdown release on Netflix?

I’m really honoured and happy to give people a little escape from reality. The world is such a hard place right now, no matter where you are, and I love that film and books can bring an escapism to all of us during difficult times.

A word of advice for aspiring writers?

To never take no for an answer. If a door closes, find another one. Publishing and the path to get there is changing daily, so the walls that we thought were keeping us from being writers are crumbling as you read this. No one can decide if you are a writer. To be a writer, you simply need to write.

Screenplay by Anna Todd

  • After We Collided (2020)

After We Collided is a 2020 American romantic drama film directed by Roger Kumble and written by Anna Todd and Mario Celaya. It is based on the 2014 new adult fiction novel of the same name by Todd, and is the sequel to After (2019). The film stars Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, respectively, with Dylan Sprouse, Shane Paul McGhie, Candice King, Khadijha Red Thunder, Inanna Sarkis, Samuel Larsen, and Selma Blair in supporting roles.

One month after his breakup with Tessa Young, Hardin Scott meets an unknown man he rebuffs when he attempts to talk to him. Meanwhile, on her first day as an intern at Vance Publishing, Tessa shares an awkward encounter with her new coworker Trevor Matthews. Kimberly takes her to her office, where she ends up working all night. The next morning, Christian Vance, impressed with Tessa’s work, takes her to a Seattle conference with Kimberly and Trevor. After getting a tattoo, Hardin returns to the frat house, where he meets up with his friends but leaves after Molly tries to seduce him to forget about Tessa.

  • After We Fell (2021)

After We Fell – Just as Tessa makes the most significant decision of her life, everything changes; revelations about her family and Hardin’s, family throw everything they knew before in doubt.

After 3 pelicula online is the third film in the After film series. It premieres in the United States in October, 2021. The film was announced on September 3, 2020, by returning series stars Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin.

Preceded by: After We Collided
Writer(s): Anna Todd (Based on the Book By);

What will happen in After We Fell?

The next two novels in Todd’s series again follow the intricacies of Tessa and Hardin’s relationship, meaning Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will be reprising their roles. The novel After We Fell opens after the cliffhanger ending of After We Collided, where Tessa runs into her estranged father. You can read a snippet of the book’s blurb below:

Tessa’s life as it begins to come unglued. Nothing is what she thought it was. Not her friends. Not her family. The one person she should be able to rely on, Hardin, is furious when he discovers the massive secret she’s been keeping. And rather than being understanding, he turns to sabotage.