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Aspects of Making Animated Films like Cartoon Films

2 Dimensional animated series or more commonly referred to as “cartoon films Dune cijeli film” in the wider community, is one of the entertainment media that is easy to find and very often circulated on television. Animation itself has the meaning of moving images, by utilizing changes in line, color, and composition from one image to another Ne Diši 2 cijeli film besplatno, making animated images feel moving even though they are actually just a set of images undergoing transitions. According to Sumarno (1996:1), in general, animation is a drawing process by modifying the image of each frame that is exposed to a certain grace period so as to create the illusion of a moving image. Animation Mjesto tišine 2 (2020) cijeli film is bringing images to life, so it is necessary to know with certainty every detail of the character, from the front, back, and side views, and the details of the character’s face in various expressions. The main meaning of animation Kraljice kupona (2021) cijeli film is to make the image look more alive, so that it can affect the emotions of the audience, including being sad, crying, falling in love, annoyed, happy, and even laughing.

There are animated films that are made serially, where this animated series is a film Avanture obitelji Bigfoot (2020) cijeli film that is divided into many episodes and aired periodically within a predetermined time. In Japan, in general, the broadcast time of an animated series is determined based on the season (season) that is there. For example, in the summer season, or can be referred to as summer, it occurs for approximately 3 months in Japan. If an animated series airs 1 episode for one week, then the number of episodes produced to fill the summer shift is approximately 12 episodes (Yegulalp, 2017:1). However, it is still possible for an animated series to run more than 12 episodes or for just one season, it could be 50 episodes or even more.

On the other hand, film Obitelj Addams 2: Izlet (2021) cijeli film is a complex art form and a unique medium of communication whose influence can reach all social segments of society. Films are not only an attractive entertainment medium for the audience, but films are also able to provide a sense of presence and closeness to a world that may have never been imagined before. Films can give different feelings and involve people directly and significantly with the world in it and in the lives of other people (Kusmawati, 2016:1).

Watching movies takes the audience out of their daily lives and feels like they are in a different world. Viewers are immersed in the lives of fictional characters, their minds begin to develop opinions about memorable events in the film, and continue to be captivated by the artistic combination of color, light and sound. Films bind audiences emotionally and have great aesthetic power. Some people criticize the film Hotel Transilvanija: Transformanija (2021) cijeli film as a kind of entertainment for escape. But there are also those who praise it as an imaginative art form that allows people to be aware of their dreams and fantasies (Kusmawati, 2016:1).

When viewed from the same point of view, 2-dimensional animated series also has elements and elements that are not much different from films. According to Sumarno (1996:1), animated films come from two elements, namely film Venom 2 cijeli film that are rooted in the world of photography and animation which is rooted in the world of images. 2-dimensional animation is just one of the mediums used by creators to convey ideas, ideas, or outpouring of their hearts, through visual elements that may or may not be realized in real form. Animated film itself is a work of art that contains elements of moral messages, self-expression, social commentary and criticism.

In the early ’90s, the animated series industry in Japan continued to develop both in terms of stories and visuals. One of the animated series in Japan which at that time was quite phenomenal in Japanese television until the mid-’90s was “SHINSEIKI EVANGELION”, or if translated into an international title it was “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the titles of the many cartoon series that circulated in Japan in 1994-1995 and was quite popular in its time. Carrying the science fiction genre with action and military spices, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a 26-episode fictional series, telling the story of a 14-year-old boy who is forced by his father to control a robot, in order to destroy giant monsters that threaten the safety of the world. . At first glance it sounds simple, but as the series continues, the story becomes more and more complex.


Etymologically, film means moving image. Initially, the film Bond 25 cijeli film was born as part of technological developments. It was discovered from the development of the principles of photography and projectors. It was Thomas Edison who first developed the motion picture camera in 1888 when he made a 15-second film that recorded one of his assistants sneezing. Soon after, the Lumiere brothers gave a cinematic film show to the public in a cafe in Paris (Danesi, 2010:132).

Films are represented by filmmakers by observing the public, selecting realities that can be made into film shang-chi i legenda o deset prstenova cijeli film and getting rid of unnecessary ones, and reconstructing them, starting when writing the screenplay until the film is finished. However, the reality that appears in the film is not the actual reality. Films become imitations of real life (Irwansyah, 2009:12), which are works of art, which are colored with aesthetic values ​​and neatly packaged messages about values ​​(Al-Malaky, 2004:139).

Film, in general, can be divided into two constituent elements, namely narrative elements and cinematic elements, the two elements interact and are continuous with each other:

1) Narrative Element
Narrative elements relate to aspects of the story or the theme of the film. In this case, elements such as character, problem, conflict, location, time are the elements. They interact with each other to create a chain of events that have a purpose and purpose, and are bound by a rule, namely the law of causality (causation logic).

2) Cinematic Elements
Cinematic elements are technical aspects in the production of a film. Consists of: (a) Mise en scene which has four main elements: setting or background, lighting, costumes, and make-up, (b) Cinematography, (c) editing, namely the transition of an image (shot) to another image, and (d) Sound, which is everything in the film that we can capture through the sense of hearing (Pratista, 2009: 1)