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Best Movies Year 2021 , Top Ranked

Here’s a short list of every movie you absolutely need to see this year.

The Ice Road

Someone was bound to make a thriller about ice road truckers, about which an extremely popular show has been made. And fans and critics alike were glad they did it with Liam Neeson leading the cast. The Ice Road tells the tale of an ice driver who embarks upon an impossible rescue mission after a diamond mine collapses in a remote region in Canada. Neeson must cross a frozen ocean in order to save the lives of miners trapped in the accident, all while the ocean thaws and the threat of corrupt insurance company agents close in on him. Neeson plays a subdued, if resolute character with both PTSD and aphasia, admirably conveying mental illness.

Don’t Breathe 2

Don’t Breathe 2 will be available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD starting October 26, and it will include an alternate ending.

Don’t Breathe 2 Movie will include an alternate ending when it arrives on home video. The sequel is the follow-up to the first film, titled Don’t Breathe, which was released in 2016. Directed by Fede Álvarez and co-produced by Sam Raimi, the story focused on a trio of friends that get trapped inside a blind man’s house while breaking into it. The trio soon finds themselves fighting for survival. The movie was a hit, grossing more than $157 million against a reported budget of $9.9 million. Critics also responded favorably to Don’t Breathe, giving particular praise to the direction and the performances of lead stars Jane Levy and Stephen Lang.

Given its success, a sequel to Don’t Breathe was announced. Although it was markedly different than the first installment, introducing more characters and filling in some of the blanks regarding the Blind Man portrayed by Lang. It also featured Madelyn Grace in the role of Phoenix, the Blind Man’s young, adopted daughter who isn’t aware of her father’s dark history. The film received largely mixed reactions, with a large portion of the discussion centering around how Don’t Breathe 2 had attempted to mold The Blind Man into a sympathetic figure. Many viewed this as a strange storytelling decision, given how the first film depicted the very character as a rapist and an attempted murderer.

According to Comic Book, the home video release of Don’t Breathe 2 will include an alternate ending. The sequel will be available as of October 26 on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD. It’s unclear what this different ending will consist of. But, given that the theatrical version of Don’t Breathe concluded in a definitive way for many of its characters, it’s possible that the alternate version will leave this a little more open-ended.

Although a mid-credits scene in Don’t Breathe 2 appears to indicate that The Blind Man might still be alive after the film’s hectic climax, the sequel does provide resolution for Phoenix. She survives her encounter with the men trying to kidnap her and, when she finds a group of kids that are playing amongst themselves, she offers them a smile and asks to join. This could either be an indication that Phoenix will follow in her father’s footsteps. Or, alternatively, that she’s going to need a lot of therapy to process the ordeal she’s been through. In any case, it’s an abrupt and somewhat cheeky conclusion that doesn’t jive with the rest of the film’s serious tone. It will be interesting to see if the sequel addresses it.

Don’t Breathe 2 isn’t the only recent thriller with an alternate version that’s waiting to be released. It was recently announced that Escape Room 2 would not only feature an alternate ending but a different opening and additional footage as well. These different takes are sure to inspire debate about which version is best and, in both cases, which version should be considered canon.

Free Guy

Perhaps the most refreshing part of the movie Free Guy Movies online is the neutral role technology plays in the story. Technology isn’t a dark muse, luring an otherwise innocent into darkness. Perhaps this is why Free Guy seems admirably human despite the fact the entire story is framed within or around a video game.

The central antagonist, Antwan (Taika Watiti, Jo Jo Rabbit, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) is just a flawed human being. He’s a greedy, power hungry human who is clever at getting things he wants. In fact, he doesn’t even appear to understand let alone appreciate technology’s benefits.

The good guys, in contrast, want to harness technology to serve the interests of their customers (or users). They are upset because they made poor decisions and weren’t clever enough to see their competitor for who he was.

Thus, the story (and story within a story) of Free Guy is more textured with human ambition, weakness, courage, and redemption. And it’s entertaining.

Free Guy’s premise is both clever and interesting. Two smart, ambitious game designers come up with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) gaming platform that allows characters within the games to grow and evolve. They sell their technology to Antwan, a video game mogul, with ambitions to conquer the (gaming) world. Antwan’s tech firm Soonami dominates the video market with a massive multiplayer online video game called Free City.

Antwan buys and locks away the AI technology to avoid paying royalties to its creators, Keys (Joe Keery, Stranger Things, Molly’s Game) and Millie (Jodie Comer, Killing Eve). Keys is racked by guilt and self-loathing for allowing his brainchild to be banished to Soonami’s unused servers. Meanwhile, he watches as Antwan builds his first person shooter game into a global phenomenon.

But Millie figures out that Antwan has breached their contract. She suspects he has illegally incorporated their technology into the game. Antwan is not just locking them out of the industry – he is profiting off their intellectual property (IP). She is on a mission to expose him and covertly enters the game to find the proof.


Horror movies have been overwhelmingly poor within the past decade, and sadly, “Malignant” Movies Hd Online is no better than the rest. A combination of horrendous action scenes, poorly written characters and even worse computer generated imagery left me laughing out of pity more so than simply enjoying the movie at the very least. At times, the film was so predictable that I could not only quote what the actor was about to say, but at the same time anticipate the elements of the next scene. With a budget of $40 million, the overall production quality of “Malignant” is appalling and downright depressing.

Annabelle Wallis plays Madison, the main character who is haunted and paralyzed by memories and visions of a man named Gabriel. A classic staple of poorly written horror movies is a senseless killing to start off the film. Gabriel brutally murders Madison’s abusive husband Derek Mitchell, played by Jake Abel, at the very beginning of the film.

Gabriel continues to seek revenge through the murders of two doctors. As the story develops, we learn that the murder victims, minus Derek, are doctors who participated in the botched removal of Gabriel, Madison’s parasitic twin that is attached to the back of her head, when she was a young girl. Gabriel slowly grew stronger and developed the ability to take control of Madison’s body. As the film proceeds, viewers witness an extremely unrealistic pursuit along with consistently terrible CGI and acrobatics while Gabriel continues his murderous rampage.

The one redeeming quality of this movie is its consistency. The entirety of the film is filled with consistently poor acting, action scenes and CGI, not to mention the obnoxious soundtrack that completely took away from any element of horror that could have existed. If it weren’t for the excessive amounts of blood and visuals of the killings, this movie could have very well been a PG-13 movie instead of rated R.“Malignant” sits with a 6.3/10 IMDb rating and a 74% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is beyond me how I am in the minority with this opinion when movies like “Equilibrium” receive a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes while sporting action scenes that far surpass “Malignant’s” nearly two decade newer technology. Spending money on movie tickets is ultimately an afterthought when it comes to “Malignant.” I have little hope that the horror genre will make a strong comeback in the near future based on the direction the industry is going in currently. If patrons spend $15 on an HBO Max subscription, I would recommend that they avoid investing two hours of their lives into director James Wan’s “Malignant.” Wan said in trailer 2 of his “horror” movie that people have been starved of something different from the horror genre. I can say that I am certainly still waiting, with an empty stomach, for that something.