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Chris Hemsworth Gears Up For Extraction 2 In Intense Workout Video

Chris Hemsworth looks more muscled-up than ever as he shows his intense workout routine for Extraction 2, which begins filming later this month.

Chris Hemsworth is hard at work getting his physique ready for Extraction 2. The upcoming movie is a sequel to Netflixs 2020 action thriller based on the graphic novel, Ciudad. Directed by Sam Hargrave and produced by the Russo brothers, Extraction saw Hemsworth portray the role of an army veteran-turned-mercenary who is tasked with rescuing the son of an Indian drug lord who was kidnapped in Bangladesh. The movie also starred David Harbour, Randeep Hooda, Golshifeth Farahani, and Pankaj Tripathi.

While some critics panned Extraction Stream Deutsch for its overpacked plot, many viewers praised Hemsworths gritty performance and the films thrilling fight scenes. It is Netflixs most-watched original movie to date, with 99 million households tuning in during the first month of its release. Because of its success, a sequel has been confirmed, with Hemsworth reprising his role as Tyler Rake. Filming is slated to begin later this month, and the Thor actor is readying himself to head to the set.

In a new Instagram video, Hemsworth shared his latest full-body workout as he gets ready to film his scenes for Extraction 2. The video shows the 38-year-old actor looking more muscled-up than ever as he goes through his fitness routine. Hemsworth wrote in the caption, “Gearing up for [Netflixs] Extraction sequel.” He demonstrated an intense workout program prepared by his fitness app, Centr, while showing off his determination and progress. Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins 2021 Stream Deutsch

While fans are used to seeing Hemsworth looking muscular and fit as Thor, the actor stated that hes now focused on developing his “agility, strength, and speed” for the upcoming Extraction sequel. The Australian actor is also reportedly set to portray WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan in a so far untitled biopic. Meanwhile, some of his MCU co-stars reacted to his brutal workout. Spider-Man: Far From Home star Jake Gyllenhaal left two bicep emojis in the comments, while Thanos actor Josh Brolin wrote, “Damn! Once I finish this pizza Im going to do that.” Even DCs Aquaman star Jason Momoa replied and called Hemsworth a “boss.”

Thanks to his decade-long stint as the God of Thunder in the MCU, Hemsworth is no stranger to playing physically demanding roles. However, Mortal Kombat Stream Deutsch may see the action star perform more realistic stunts than ever before. While the first movie received flak for its “White Savior” elements, cinematically, it gave viewers some beautifully shot action sequences. If the sequel follows the same formula, it is sure to give Netflix another hit and would further cement Hemsworths status as one of Hollywoods most bankable action stars today.

Extraction has received mixed reviews since its release, with critics praising it for its action and stunts but calling out its rather thin storyline. Hargrave is a veteran stunt performer and coordinator whose previous credits include Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and Extraction is his feature directorial debut. It joins releases like 6 Underground and Triple Frontier in a bid to give Netflix its own library of big-scale blockbuster action movies, and one of Extraction’s most ambitious sequences is a 12-minute car chase and gun battle styled to look like a single uncut shot.