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Clover Films Harvests Multi Territory Rights to Giddens Ko’s ‘Till We Meet Again’ Movie

Singapore-based distributor and producer Clover Films has partnered with Taiwan’s Machi Xcelsior Studios for the worldwide theatrical rights (except Taiwan and South Korea) to Giddens Ko’s “Till We Meet Again.”

The film is a fantasy romance starring Kai Ko (“You Are The Apple Of My Eye”), Gingle Wang (“Detention”) and Vivian Sung (“Our Times”) that recently garnered eleven nominations at the Golden Horse Film Awards.

The producers will retain the rights in Taiwan. Hive Filmworks will be handling the theatrical rights in Korea. The movie, produced for a budget of $3.5 million, has been dated for release on 24 November in Taiwan.

Clover has long been a leading distributor of commercial Asian movies in both Singapore and Malaysia. It has also produced several titles in the same two territories. Taking the vastly wider package of rights outside the producer territory (and Korea) is a new step.

“We are not aiming to do this aggressively for many titles, but we want to do so for titles we believe in, such as this one,” Clover CEO Lim Teck told Variety. Clover, long an independent, sold a 51% controlling stake to stock market-listed mini conglomerate GHY Culture & Media earlier this year.

Ko is the novelist-turned-filmmaker who shot to pan-Asian success with his directorial debut “You Are The Apple of My Eye.” While he has only dabbled with directing since, Ko remains a prolific writer whose books and scripts are directed by others including Adam Tsuei (“The Tenants Downstairs”) and Kevin Ko and Peter Tsi (“A Choo”).

“Till We Meet Again” Movie was the opening film of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in July and performed the same function at last month’s Taipei Film Festival.

Founded in 2018, by Jeff Huang, Machi Xcelsior Studios describes its mission as “the integration of film and television entertainment in Mandarin-speaking markets.” It was producer of “The Sadness” and “Plurality,” both of which were completed this year. “We aim to propel Taiwan entertainment to be on the global stage with a mainstream appeal,” says Huang.

The deal was negotiated by Machi’s veteran distribution guru Lu Wei-chun and Clover’s Lim Teck.

“We are so excited to be handling the theatrical rights to this wildly-anticipated movie! We share Lu and Machi’s passion that this movie is made for cinemas, and we will try our very best to release the movie theatrically in as many markets as possible. We hope this is the first of many collaborations between Machi and Clover!,” said Lim Teck.

GHY Culture Deal to Acquire Singapore’s Clover Films Is Canceled

Rising Chinese-Singapore entertainment group GHY Culture & Media has revealed that its proposed takeover of producer and distributor Clover Films is not going ahead.

GHY announced plans in mid-June to acquire a 51% stake in the 12-year-old indie film company without revealing financial details.

In a stock exchange filing, GHY said that its MOU with Clover and its period of exclusive negotiations had expired. No reason for the failed deal was given and the filing said that the two companies would “continue to explore other collaboration opportunities.”

GHY was founded and remains headed by screenwriter and producer Guo and has significant mainland Chinese connections. These have seen the company involved in several TV drama series, including “The Little Nyonya” that are intended for mainland consumption. It recently tied up with mainland Chinese streaming firm iQiyi to form what it claims is Southeast Asia’s largest talent agency.

GHY currently produces in Singapore, Malaysia and China. It also has concert promotion operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia and smaller operations in talent management, mostly in China, and costumes, props and makeup services in China and Singapore.

In June, it suggested that its scale, industry experience and end-to-end production capabilities would add strategic value to Clover.

As a distributor, Clover’s main focus has been international films, especially Asian titles. It has handled films including “Train To Busan,” “Peninsula,” “Parasite” “Shockwave 2 and “CZ12.” As a producer straddling Singapore and nearby Malaysia, it has credits including Jack Neo’s “Ah Boys To Men” series, Eric Khoo’s “Ramen The” and Adrian Teh’s “Wira.” Since 2020, it has sought to become a developer of content for streaming platforms and broadcasters.

Earlier this month, Clover announced that it had picked up multi-territory rights to Giddens Ko’s “Till We Meet Again,” from Taiwan. The fantasy romance feature was the opening title of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in July and performed the same function at last month’s Taipei Film Festival.