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Crayon Shinchan The Movie 2021 The Splendid Tenkasu Academy review

In Crayon Shinchan The Movie: School Mystery! The Splendid Tenkasu Academy, Shinnosuke Nohara (Yumiko Kobayashi) and his friends embark on a one-week stay at an elite boarding school, Tenkatoitsu Kasukabe Private Academy, or Tenkasu for short. Administrated by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Tenkasu seems like an ideal school, until Toru Kazama (Mari Mashiba) is attacked by an unknown enemy. As Kazama’s intelligence is reduced, Shinnosuke and his friends team up with the student council president Chishio Atsuki (Ryou Hirohashi) to form a group of detectives to find the culprit.

Having only watched the Crayon Shinchan TV series before, my impression of the show is that it’s a light-hearted, hilarious cartoon. But this latest movie instalment — this is actually the 29th film of the series, with one released every year since 1993 — totally changed this impression.

To begin with, the plot is fairly intriguing, although not entirely original. It introduces an elite school that rewards achievements and punishes bad behaviour through a point-based system. This discrimination, masked by the amusing nature of the Crayon Shinchan series, is so horrible that the higher-rank students enjoy restaurant-like service during meal times in school, while the lower-rank students have to fight for bread.

What’s more interesting is that the movie brings up a number of social issues. Apart from highlighting the boons and banes of a point-based system, it also touches on accepting yourself for who you are, enjoying your youth when you should, and the use of artificial intelligence. It is definitely not something you would expect from a supposed children’s show, much less a comical one.

Moreover, possibly due to sufficient screen time, as opposed to a 5-minute story in the TV series, the movie made sure to give each of Shinnosuke’s friends a relatively bigger part to play. Kazama is the one who initiated the one-week stay; Nene Sakurada (Tamao Hayashi) becomes the chief of the group of detectives; Masao Sato (Teiyu Ichiryusai) goes undercover to find more clues; and Bo (Chie Sato) gets close to a possible suspect. It is refreshing to see more sides to these characters, who are generally more insignificant in the TV series.

Don’t expect the movie to be a true blue detective show – the mystery still gets solved eventually, but it is not exactly due to logical reasoning or strong inferencing skills. The resolution serves more of a comedic purpose, which is more in line with the nature of the Crayon Shinchan series.

All in all, this Crayon Shinchan movie is an unexpectedly great film that has multiple messages for you to bring home. It is equal parts funny, fun and meaningful.

Join Crayon Shinchan in his adventures in ‘Crayon Shinchan The Movie: School Mystery! The Splendid Tenkasu Academy!’

Singapore — Crayon Shinchan is arguably one of the most popular manga and anime characters in Japan with his funny antics.

In the latest movie which is directed by Wataru Takahashi and screenplay by Kimiko Ueno, Shinnosuke (Yumiko Kobayashi), Shinchan goes on a one-week stay with his friends as part of the “defence force” of Tenkatōitsu Kasukabe Private Academy (nicknamed “Tenkasu”), an elite boarding school which is run by a state-of-the-art AI.

The mood began to change when Toru Kazama (Mari Mashiba) was attacked. His intelligence was reduced and there were strange bite marks left on his butt.

The Kasukabe defence force joins forces with the school’s dropout student council president Chishio Atsukito to form a group of detectives and shed some light on the mystery.

MUSE Communication Singapore, which is one of the largest Japanese animation licensors and distributors of official anime goods in SEA is the company that brought Crayon Shinchan The Movie: School Mystery! The Splendid Tenkasu Academy to Singapore.

In this mystery film, viewers will go on an adventure with Shinchan and his friends. This movie will be the popular Japanese franchise’s 29th instalment since the title’s first movie in 1993. From Sept 9 onwards, viewers will be able to watch the movie at the nearest theatres.

In conjunction with the movie launch, MUSE Communication SG is also announcing a series of tie-ups and activities with Hakken! @ VivoCity, Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt, Polar Water, and Plaza Singapura.

There is a Crayon Shinchan takeover at Hakken! @ Vivocity from now until the end of October – fans are welcomed to visit the store to witness the kind of shenanigans Shinchan and his friends are up to.

Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt has launched two exclusive new yoghurt drinks to their menu in collaboration with the launch of the new Crayon Shinchan movie.

In addition, fans and customers can collect a stamp with each drink purchased. For every 5 stamps, customers can redeem a Yomie x Shinchan limited edition tote bag.

All Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt drinks will also feature exclusive Crayon Shinchan cup seals, with five different designs to collect, each featuring a character set against a bright coloured background.

Yomie is also giving away Fans’ Screening tickets to customers who post a selfie with a Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt drink on their social media with the hashtags #Shinchan2021 #YomieYogurt and #MUSESG. 8 lucky winners will be selected on 31 Aug.