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Does watching anime immediately become Weeaboo?

Maybe among the many netizens on social media. Some people think like this. Namely, is it true if we watch anime. One episode or one title is immediately referred to as Weeaboo?. Is that true?. For example, after watching the anime Naruto, Boruto, Tokyo Revenge, etc. Auto Weeaboo??. Can this be justified?.

Here’s the full answer…
Weeaboo is not a title. Actually, Weeaboo is a designation or ridicule aimed at westerners who are obsessed with Japanese culture. There is nothing positive about this Weeaboo name. But slowly but surely. The mushrooming invasion of Japanese pop culture culture. The world of anime, manga, light novels and the like. Then the population of Weeaboo also increases .

And from this large number of Weeaboo, the meaning of Weeaboo slowly began to shift. Which was a mockery. Now it has become a matter of pride among the Weeaboo community itself.

Yes, although there are also many netizens and ordinary people / normies who don’t know the difference between otaku, Weeaboo, and the like.

Watching anime does it immediately become Weeaboo?

The answer could be yes, it could be no. It depends on the frequency of the anime you watch. If you only watch one or two anime titles, it’s not Weeaboo. But just try it. The term is the same as watching Spongebob Squarepants. Cartoons are watched as a medium of entertainment.

Now it’s a different story if there are people who watch anime every day, it has become a hobby to the point that he is affected by the existing anime. Which basically likes things with Japanese nuances. To the extent that he wants to go to work, or have a Japanese wife, for example. Well, this is what can be called a weasel figure . It’s starting to arise a sense of love with Japan itself, friend. Moreover, to the point of wanting to marry a waifu / husbu anime 2d. To make this worse, the level of authority.

More or less, that’s the facts and myths of watching anime auto so wednesday or not. And the answer is that it depends on the existing situation and conditions.