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Dragon Ball Fusion Created His Most Powerful

The legendary Dragon Ball villain Cell went through many transformations in the original manga, but a spinoff manga sees him mutate into his most powerful and grotesque form ever. Dragon Ball’s Cell Saga is one of the most infamous arcs in the series’ history for beginning the long running pattern of introducing enhanced Super Saiyan forms. On top of that, this arc also introduces its namesake, the Bio-Android named Cell. Like his genetic components, Cell goes through a plethora of transformations until eventually reaching his Super Perfect form in the final battle of the Cell Games. The spinoff Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission introduces an alternate timeline in which Perfect Cell becomes fused with a Dark Dragon Ball, and then enhanced by the powers of the Demon God Poutine. Dark Demon Realm Mission chapter 3 begins with Xeno Trunks and Vegeta being sent back to the past in order to remedy an error in the timeline. They travel to the era of the Cell Games, and arrive to see Cell in the middle of thrashing every Z-Fighter, including Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. Vegeta begins to battle Cell in his base form, and proves more than a match for even the powered up Cell variant, obliterating the Bio-Android with a Final Flash. The battle seems to be over until Vegeta is ambushed by a Demon God named Gravy, who bashes Vegeta’s head in with his hammer, knocking the Saiyan unconscious. While Trunks struggles to help Vegeta, a dangerous power brews within Cell, completely transforming him as he regenerates.

The new form that Cell takes is every bit as powerful as it is disgusting. Dubbed Cell X, this new form allows Cell to start dealing significant damage to both Demon God Gravy, and the Potara Fusion, Vegeks. The Cell X form is as tall as a skyscraper, and nearly as wide to match. His thorax and abdomen have ballooned to massive proportions and Cell has grown another set of limbs. His extra limbs have also migrated towards the bottom of his body, allowing him to walk on six legs and burrow into the ground like an insect. This transformation also features the growth of several spikes along Cell’s body, adding to his already heavily insectoid features.

Cell X is arguably Dragon Ball’s most freakish looking villain of all time. His arachnid body combined with his newfound titanic size is both monstrous and unsightly. The boost in power Cell X gets from his new form is also mind boggling. In the original Dragon Ball timeline, Super Perfect Cell was confirmed to be able to destroy the Solar System, but Cell X is capable of dealing damage to beings who pose significant threats to the multiverse and all of history itself. This power boost puts Cell X among the strongest fighters in Dragon Ball history. While Cell X’s transformation may be permanent, it certainly leaves a lasting impression. Being able to damage a Potara Fusion between Vegeta and Trunks, as well as beating back the Demon God Gravy is no small feat. This Dragon Ball timeline’s version of Cell, also known as Xeno Cell has appeared a few times before in Dragon Ball Heroes-related content, and to every insect hater’s dismay, it’s extremely likely that the horrifying Cell X form will somehow find a way to return.