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Encanto Movie Review (2021) A Family Full of Miracles

Finally meet again with the weekend. Any plans where? If your weekend is enough at home, you need to watch this one movie. Encanto (2021) film, a film directed by Walt Disney Animation Studios which is thick with Colombian culture. Inspired by magical realism stories that are part of Colombian culture.

The film was directed by Byron Howard, Jared Bush, and Charise Castro Smith. All player characters are adapted to Colombian culture. This film also collaborates with the famous musician Lin Maruel Miranda. Miranda composed eight special songs for the film Encanto. The music that is sung is also thick with traditional Colombian music.

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This film is set in a hidden area, the mountainous region of Colombia, in the city of Encanto to be precise. Of course this city is not 100% real. The audience will be carried away with the fantasy atmosphere of the film. Every scene is always slick, which can make every audience hypnotized.

Tells the story of a magical family who is blessed by a magic candle. This family is called The Madrigals. This candle that never goes out, always gives new gifts in every Madrigal Family at a certain age. Grandma is the leader of this family.

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Grandma has three children, each of whom has strengths. Pepa whose mood affects the weather, Bruno who can see the future, and Julieta who can cure every disease with just food. Later, Pepa and Julieta got married.

Pepa has three children. Dolores who can hear far away, Camilo who can change his shape and face, and little Antonio who can talk to animals. Julieta also has three children. Isabela the perfect can grow beautiful flowers, Luisa the big one who can lift heavy things and Mirabel. Mirabel is the only Madrigal family without superpowers.

All her life, Mirabel was just waiting for what power would actually be given to her. Until one day Mirabel realized that the magic of her family would be lost. Instead, he was the family’s last hope. Hope to be able to save the miracle of the Madrigal family.

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The audience will be invited on an adventure by Mirabel. How Mirabel can save her magical family, when she has no power. The message conveyed is very profound, especially for parents. Parents should realize that every child is special. Because children are gifts.

How? Interested to watch? This family film is suitable for all ages to watch. From children to even the elderly, all will be amazed by the magic and fantasy in this film. Encanto movie is now available on Disney+ hotstar. Enjoy.

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