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Exactly How The Film Might Utilize The Potential Plot

After images surfaced supporting long-standing rumors that Indiana Jones 5 will feature time travel, it seems that the much-anticipated sequel may see Indy hop through time. Exactly how the film might utilize the potential plot device isn’t yet known, but it’s an intriguing prospect, particularly as previous films have all used elements of the supernatural. While many believe that Indiana Jones 5’s time travel could be great, it also has the potential to subvert one of the franchise’s trademark ending tropes.


Despite making some of the greatest on-screen discoveries known to man – the Ark of the Covenant, the Sankara Stones, the Holy Grail, and proof of alien life – Indy has never received any formal credit for any of them. He might be one of the most iconic adventurers of all time, but he’s never made a lasting tangible impression on history within his films’ narratives. This is something that Indiana Jones 5’s time travel story could fix: by having him directly interact with history as it happens, Indy will finally make his way into the history books – an opportunity that each of his previous films has so far denied him.


Temple Of Doom Saw Indy Give Back The Sankara Stone

The story of Temple of Doom includes human sacrifice, a horde of kidnapped children, and a stolen Sankara stone. The latter is a sacred stone that Indy believes was given to humanity by the gods to help in the fight against evil, and that it’s a relic of great power. Upon beginning his search for the stolen stone, Indy discovers an evil cult operating out of an underground temple using the kidnapped children as a workforce.

The rest of the film’s plot sees Indiana Jones fight against the villainous cult in an attempt to free the children (and recover three of the five Sankara stones in the process). After he liberates the children – making Indiana Jones a literal guardian angel – Indy escapes with the stones, only to lose all but one. Instead of taking it with him, Indy stays true to his word, wisely returning the sacred stone to the village it was stolen from. However, in doing so, he gives away the only piece of evidence he had about the existence of the stones, something which would have undoubtedly been of massive historical importance.


Raiders Saw The Ark Of The Covenant Hidden Away

The film that introduced the Indiana Jones franchise to the world also sees Indy make a historical discovery of staggering importance: the Ark of the Covenant. After becoming involved in the search for the Ark, Indy finds himself pitted against a team of bloodthirsty Nazis in the race to find the lost artifact. When Indy finally discovers it only to have the Nazis steal it from him, all seems lost.

In a scene almost as famous as the true story of the Ark of the Covenant itself, the Nazis open the Ark, only for its power to kill them all. Indiana Jones is spared that fate, but his discovery is then taken away from him one last time, hidden away to be studied by “top men.” Had Indy been allowed to keep the Ark, it would have been one of the most significant historical discoveries of all time, but politics kept it out of his hands – and, more importantly, out of the history books.


The Last Crusade’s Temple Was Destroyed (And The Holy Grail Lost)

Not content with finding just one of the most famous religious artifacts ever rumored to exist, Indiana Jones is at it again in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. On the hunt for the Holy Grail itself, Indy once more goes up against Nazis hoping to use the Grail’s power of immortality for themselves. Alongside his father, Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery), Indiana Jones locates the Grail and then passes its many tests to prove himself worthy of its power.

However, after using its power to save his father’s life, the Nazis try to make off with it and the temple begins to crumble, ultimately ending with the destruction of the site and the loss of any evidence of Indy’s discovery. Much like the Ark, the Holy Grail was one of the greatest archaeological finds ever made, but fate (and Nazis) kept Indy from receiving credit for it. In fact, with the whole place destroyed, it seems unlikely that anyone would believe Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail at all, meaning that another of his impressive discoveries was entirely lost to the ages. Note: The Studio Finally Achieved This Goal With The Release


Akator Is Destroyed In The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

While it may be all but ignored by fans for its place in the franchise, the much-reviled Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull also continues Indy’s run of bad luck regarding his historic finds. In another example of the adventurer making a discovery of massive historical and scientific importance, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sees Indy make contact with extraterrestrials in the lost city of Akator. However, this too is lost, with the aliens departing and the city being flooded and destroyed.

All of the first four Indiana Jones films see the adventurer make groundbreaking and historic discoveries. In each and every film so far, these discoveries are taken from him by circumstance. With, in all likelihood, Indiana Jones 5 being the end for the franchise in its current form, it’s entirely possible that the upcoming film will flip that established trope on its head and see Indiana Jones finally be credited with something historic. Note: This Would Have Resulted In Not Only The Resurrection Of Leary’s Capt


How Time Travel In Indiana Jones 5 Can Buck The Trend

With time travel rumored to be a plot device in Indiana Jones 5, the idea that the sequel will flip the franchise’s ending trope seems all the more plausible. After all, by allowing Indy to step into the past (or the future), he will finally be able to make a massive impact on history. While this may not be as grand an idea as it might seem – the ramifications could be catastrophic – it would be an interesting way to subvert the expectations set by previous films’ endings.

It’s likely that Indiana Jones 5 will end Indy’s story one way or another, as the franchise’s star is fast becoming too old for its action-heavy stories. If Indiana Jones 5 is indeed Harrison Ford’s last turn as the titular adventurer, using a time-travel narrative could potentially be a satisfying way to finally have Indy achieve some renown within the franchise’s world. It’s not officially confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 will feature time-travel, but it could prove to be the perfect story device for Indiana Jones’ final outing. Note: Undoubtedly One Of The Biggest Names In The Action Adventure Genre

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