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Fantastic Four Lore Changes Forever as Richards

The Fantastic Four are about to meet a new family member, as Reed Richards’ long-lost sister will be introduced in an upcoming issue of Marvel’s first family’s ongoing series. In a brand new preview for Fantastic Four #46 by Marvel Comics, Reed’s sister is set to make her first appearance and meet her family, adding a lore-changing dynamic to the classic superteam. The Fantastic Four expanding their family isn’t anything new. The original team consisted of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm, later adding new faces to the iconic Marvel Comics family. Grimm’s girlfriend and later wife, Alicia Masters, has long been a core part of the family. Meanwhile, Reed and Sue’s kids, Valeria and Franklin, have become important team members. In more recent comics, Grimm and Masters adopted two kids, while Johnny’s soulmate Sky has also been featured heavily. The Fantastic Four is about to meet another new family member, as Reed Richards’ sister is coming soon.

A brand new preview of Fantastic Four #46 by Dan Slott and Cafu, Reed Richards’ new Watcher powers will lead him to discover his sister. The solicit teases her as his mysterious sister, who is the lost daughter of his father, Nathaniel Richards. While the preview doesn’t reveal Reed’s sister’s name or appearance, the cover art from Cafu shows the Fantastic Four reaching out his hand to his sister as his family looks on with smiles.

The Fantastic Four have already been dealing with considerable issues due to the current Reckoning War. So, throwing another wrench into the mix in the form of Reed Richards’ lost sister is an interesting story beat. Will she be a friend or a foe? Considering all that Marvel’s first family has been through recently, they seem due for some good news. But rarely does a surprise family member showing up out of the blue spell good news in comic book stories, but maybe, the story will buck that trope. Readers will get more answers on the new character’s real allegiances when Reed Richards’ sister debuts when Fantastic Four #46. The issue by Dan Slott and Cafu from Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on July 12, 2022.

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