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Google Nest Wifi

When I first pulled the lid off of the Google Nest Wifi box, the whole thing slipped out of my hands and the hardware inside toppled right out. I could only watch in horror as Google’s marshmallowy mesh router thunked to the ground and rolled across my living room’s hardwood floor. this system is idiot-proof and not just when it comes to sudden, spontaneous drop tests. You plug it in, you do what the app says, and 10 minutes later your new mesh network is up and running and spreading a Wi-Fi signal throughout your house that’s about as speedy as you could reasonably expect. It’s as easy as setting up a smart speaker, because in addition to extending the Nest Wifi Router’s range, each Nest Wifi Point is, itself, a smart speaker. You get one of each the Google Nest Wifi Router and a Nest Wifi Point with built-in microphones and surprisingly adequate bass.

Between the presence of Google Assistant and the fact that you’ll run everything through the Google Home app, the Nest Wifi asks you to plant a foot in Google’s smart-home garden if you haven’t done so already. And it isn’t cheap. For comparison, the third-gen, three-piece mesh system from Amazon-owned Eero costs $249, or 20 bucks less than a Nest Wifi setup with just two devices. Meanwhile, a three-piece Netgear Orbi AC1200 mesh system costs $229 at Best Buy. That’s more than $100 less than the three-piece version of Nest Wifi.

Still, the Nest Wifi proved fast, reliable and easy to use, and it edged out the Eero and Orbi in my speed tests (yes, even after I dropped it). It doesn’t support the latest, fastest version of Wi-Fi, called Wi-Fi 6, but that only really matters if you expect to have an internet connection that’s faster than 500 megabits per second or so within the next few years (don’t hold your breath).

That all adds up to the mesh router I would tell most people to consider first if they were thinking about buying one right now. The winner of our Editors’ Choice Award, the Google Nest Wifi, is a great upgrade for anyone who’s already invested in Google’s internet ecosystem of services and devices, particularly those who would welcome the chance to expand Google Assistant’s footprint in their home. But those who aren’t committed to Google at this point would be wise to shop around, because better mesh values with comparable coverage are already available today.

The Best Sci-Fi Movies on Disney

Disney Plus doesn’t have the best library of sci-fi. That’s probably Prime Video or Netflix. But there are some humdingers. With those disclaimers out of the way, here are our picks for the best science fiction movies on Disney Plus.

Secret Codes for Movies and Shows

Do you sometimes find yourself just scrolling through Netflix’s library and still aren’t sure of what to watch? We feel you! It’s hard finding the perfect movie or show to watch if you just want to Netflix and Chill. There are even times when you spend more time searching for a movie rather than watching an actual movie. Well, here at Spiel Times, we got you covered! Below, we listed all of the secret codes you can enter in the search box to redirect you to a genre you’re looking for. If you feel like watching a horror movie or romcoms today, it will only take you some combinations of numbers.