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Gordon in Batgirl Was a ‘Complete Surprise’

For most of the history of superhero cinema, one actor embodied each hero and villain at a time, but those rules aren’t as set in stone these days. Thanks to the power of nostalgia, not only is Michael Keaton reprising his role in the upcoming Batgirl on HBO Max, he’ll star alongside J.K. Simmons reprising his turn as Commissioner Gordon from the Snyderverse. The details of how these characters meet have yet to be revealed, but the actors behind them are seemingly thrilled to find new facets to their performance.

In a recent interview with A.Frame, Simmons expressed his bewilderment at returning to the role of Gordon after metaphorically handing the torch to Jeffrey Wright in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Still, he’s happy to have the chance to explore the character more than his brief role in Justice League.

“[It] really came as a complete surprise that they wanted me to be that guy again,” Simmons admitted. “What appealed to me about this movie was from Jim Gordon’s point of voice, it’s really more a story about him as a guy and as a father and not just about the guy who’s turning on the Bat Signal and trying to keep the citizens of Gotham safe.”

Commissioner Gordon is essential to any Batgirl-centric narrative, and Simmons calls star Leslie Grace “charming, compelling and charismatic” in the role of Barbara Gordon. They will team up with Keaton’s Batman against Brendan Fraser as Firefly. The film will release on HBO Max later this year, which might mean it comes out before Keaton sees his proper reintroduction to the wide world of DC films in The Flash. DC’s multiverse-spanning cinematic lineup is hard to keep track of at the best of times, but it will likely make some amount of sense to viewers as they enjoy the adventures of each distinct caped crusader.

Batgirl Has Wrapped Filming

Among the many upcoming DC movies we have to look forward to sometime down the line after Robert Pattinson-led The Batman is the Leslie Grace-led Batgirl. The actress broke out last summer with her In The Heights role, and next she’ll be suiting up as Barbara Gordon. The movie has been filming in the U.K. for the past four months and has finally wrapped thanks to a mouthy update from its star.

Leslie Grace shared that she has finished up the production with the cast and crew in Glasgow with an Instagram video that shows some sweet and funny rapport she has with her collaborators.

Clearly Leslie Grace just had the time of her life playing a superhero in Batgirl under the helm of Bad Boys For Life directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. She shared some personal videos of her capping off her journey with some of the crew on Instagram, including her driver. In the video, you can see her joking around with them, doing secret handshakes and playing with a fire department hose, no less.

While Leslie Grace’s latest post keeps things cryptic regarding what to expect from Batgirl, the actress looks to have made a positive impression on set and really brought a good energy to those around her. She took the time to say ”thank you to every person on this crew” as she said goodbye to the production. Batgirl will soon go into post-production, and perhaps we’ll get to finally see some footage in the near future.

HBO Max’s Batgirl Movie

It may be April 1st, but this update for HBO Max’s Batgirl movie is neither a joke nor a prank. Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have announced that the film has wrapped production. Arbi first shared the news on his Instagram account with a behind-the-scenes picture of Leslie Grace in costume standing between Arbi and Fallah.

Grace headlines the film as Barbara Gordon, a young heroine who takes her inspiration from Batman. J. K. Simmons is reprising his role as Commissioner James Gordon from Justice League. Brendan Fraser is portraying the main villain, Firefly, with Ivory Aquino as Alysia Yeoh. Jacob Scipio, Rebecca Front, Corey Johnson, and Ethan Kai in supporting roles.

Additionally, Michael Keaton is reprising his role as Batman for the film. Presumably Batgirl takes place after The Flash in order to explain the presence of Keaton’s Batman. However, it’s unclear if HBO Max plans to delay Batgirl until after The Flash hits theaters in June 2023.

For now, the Batgirl movie is still expected to premiere on HBO Max this year:

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