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Halloween Kills is a very brutal sequel to coming to the horror franchise

Three years after Michael Myers returned for 2018’s Halloween, the story continues with Halloween Kills, which takes place just moments after Laurie Strode, her daughter and granddaughter set a trap for the infamous killer. The movie has The Shape continuing to lurk around Haddonfield as Jamie Lee Curtis’ scream queen is bedridden in a hospital recovering from serious injuries Michael inflicted on her. Halloween Kills is a seriously brutal sequel to come to the horror franchise and it’s time to talk about the most shocking moments. note: Malmkrog Film Online Subtitrat in Română

This article is dripping with big SPOILERS for Halloween Kills, so if you’ve yet to see the latest movie in theaters or on streaming come back here when you have. Now let’s get to the Halloween Kills ranking. note: Otto Barbarul Film Online Subtitrat in Română

8. Officer McCabe Down Flashback Scene
Ranking this scene is the lowest on the list is proof that Halloween Kills was brutal from the beginning to end. Early on in the horror flick, the movie takes us back to 1978, when it all started, and follows a pair of cops on the trail of Michael Myers’ rampage. Officer Hawkins and Officer McCabe find themselves in an empty house before Michael grabs McCabe and begins to strangle him. Hawkins fires, but accidentally fires at his partner, killing him. In the present day, Hawkins later tells Laurie Strode about the fateful day in the hospital. note: The Protégé Film Online Subtitrat in Română

7. Michael Myers Emerges From The House Fire
Another early brutal moment in Halloween Kills is when Michael Myers is seen escaping Laurie Strode’s trap as firefighters come to put out the fire, unaware that it was intentionally set by Laurie to kill off The Shape once and for all. This sequence has a round of really insane moments, between one firefighter asking Michael to take his hand before he pulls him into the blazes to when he uses a saw blade to cut right through another’s head. The scene signals that Michael may just be unstoppable. note: What Do We See When We Look at the Sky? Film Online Subtitrat in Română

6. Haddonfield Mob Is Foiled By Michael
Moving on to later in the movie, there’s a similar sequence shortly after Michael Myers is stabbed by Laurie’s daughter Karen (played by Judy Greer). Of course, Karen’s attempt does not kill off the masked monster and he proceeds to slaughter the Haddonfield mob who spend the entire movie attempting to hunt him down whilst chanting “evil dies tonight”. It’s a bit of a hopeless moment considering at this point just about every original Haddonfield survivor has since been killed. Evil very much lives on as Michael takes out Anthony Michael Hall’s Tommy Doyle as his mask becomes drenched in blood. note: Wrath of Man – Furia unui om periculos Film Online Subtitrat in Română

5. Playground Slaughter
One of the most central moments in Halloween Kills is when a group of Haddonfield characters are in a car in the dead of night and Kyle Richards’ Lindsey stops them to go out and warn some kids of Michael. While she’s speaking to them on a playground, on the other side of the street, Michael comes for the remaining people in the car, including the couple who are dressed as a doctor and a nurse and Nancy Stephens’ Marion, who was also in the original 1978 movie. He kills them brutally before placing bloody masks on them on the playground. note: The Croods: A New Age – Familia Crood: Vremuri noi Film Online Subtitrat in Română

4.Elderly Couple Wine And Die With Michael
One especially traumatizing sequence in Halloween Kills occurs early in the movie when Michael Myers ventures out of the embers of the house and on to murder them. The elderly couple are playing around with a drone as they pour wine when it unexpectedly stops in the next room and shoots back around to them. The wife gets murdered through the window before her husband gets dragged into the kitchen and placed on his stomach. Michael then uses the knife block to repeatedly take out each knife and continually stab the husband as his nearly dead wife watches in horror. note: Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Film Online Subtitrat in Română