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Hela’s Existence in “Thor: Ragnarok” Reveals Odin’s Deception

Odin’s lie about Hela’s existence and their conquests imply another lie about what happened to the Valkyrie and what must have happened afterward.

The plot in Thor: Ragnarok was based around Odin having concealed Hela’s existence from Thor and Loki, but his lie about Hela indicates another even more complex deception related to the Valkyries. Odin is known for keeping information from others, most notably hiding Loki’s own adoption and lineage from him. However, Odin’s concealment of Hela’s existence would have required lies on an even grander scale than is fully revealed in the movie.

After Thor catches Loki having stolen their father’s throne, they locate Odin on Earth where it’s revealed that he is dying and no longer able to keep Hela locked away. Hela’s power is immense and she is surprised when she returns to Asgard and finds that not a single person there knows who she is. She realizes that Odin had covered up all traces of her (literally, in the case of a ceiling mural) and banned all mention of her. On Sakaar, Thor and Loki meet Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, Brunnhilde, the last remaining Valkyrie. Brunnhilde explains that when Hela attempted to get free from Hel, Odin sent them all in to stop her and every one of them was killed, except for her, before Odin stopped Hela himself.

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When Thor meets Brunnhilde he recognizes her as a Valkyrie, speaking of the warriors as legends that he aspired to be like. When Loki meets her, he is surprised as he “thought [they] all died gruesome deaths.” This means that the current Asgardians were fully aware of the Valkyrie’s existence and their eventual demise. However, if Odin denied anyone the knowledge of Hela, he must have conjured a different story to cover up the death of Asgard’s most elite warriors. Whatever Odin’s lie was to Thor, Loki and the rest of Asgard, it is not included in the movie; yet, it speaks to the layers of deception that Odin must have worked with to keep Hela and the threat she posed hidden from his people.

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In order for Odin to have concealed not just Hela but also her role in the massacre of the Valkyries, he must have created an alternate explanation. This still leaves some problems for the MCU, however. While Brunnhilde fled to Sakaar, it is unclear how she was able to leave Asgard; furthermore, for Odin’s secret to be kept, she must not have told anyone else what had truly happened, despite the resentment she clearly harbors for Odin. For the stories Hela tells and the images depicted in the murals she uncovers to be completely unknown in the current day, it would almost be necessary for Hela and Odin to have been the only Asgardians in existence during her time as Grand Executioner.

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Given Asgardian’s traditional lust for vengeance, it is hard to imagine what story could have been told to cover up the death of the Valkyries. When, in the first Thor movie, Jotunn break into Asgard, even though they fail to get away with anything, Thor and his friends are eager enough for revenge that they leave without permission to launch an attack on Jotunnheim. Any story told by Odin would have to have created scapegoats for killing the Valkyrie (ones strong enough for such a story to be believed) and at that point, the Asgardians would not rest until blood had been spilled. This culminates in a single logical conclusion from the events of Thor: Ragnarok: Odin’s lie about Hela led to a lie about the Valkyries, that rationally must have led to a pointless and bloody war in Asgard’s history purely to cover up Odin’s own lies about the bloody conquests he and Hela conducted to begin with.

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