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Here Are 10 TV Shows and Movies to Watch on the Weekend

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, ‘Christmas Is Cancelled’ and other recommendations to enjoy

‘Christmas Is Cancelled’ (UAE cinemas): This is one movie that’s sure to bring some laughter into your life. Christmas is going to be tough for 29-year-old Emma after she discovers that her dad is dating her high-school nemesis. She tries to put a stop to this new relationship and things go a bit nuts.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ (UAE cinemas): After Spider-Man’s identity is revealed, this friendly superhero (Tom Holland) has to cope with his personal life and saving the world. He enlists Doctor Strange’s help to restore his secret however things go haywire and brings back Spidey’s biggest villains.

‘The Witcher’ (Netflix): The second of this hit Netflix show is going to release on December 17, so now is a good time to catch up on season one. Henry Cavill is brilliant as Geralt of Rivia, a mutated monster-hunter for hire, who faces evil forces that aren’t always beasts. It’s a magical world with tons of action and adventure to get stuck into.

‘Pushpa: The Rise’ (UAE cinemas): Allu Arjun stars as a truck driver and red sandalwood smuggler Pushpa Raj. Soon violence erupts between smugglers and the police charged with bringing down their organisation.

‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ (Netflix): Indulge in a bit of fluffy romance this weekend. Checking out South Korean heart-throb Park Seo-joon and popular actress Park Min-young, who get sparks flying in this hit romcom. A narcissistic and ambitious vice-chairman of a company is shocked when his loyal personal assistant decides to quit. Even though he hates to admit it, he can’t do without her. It’s full of cliches but is a funny and cute series.

‘Titans’ (Netflix): Looking for a weekend bender? This is the one to watch – there are three seasons though so be warned it’s going to be quite a marathon. When Rachel Roth, who commands a dark power, finds herself chased by unknown hunters, she must rely on a group of misfits with superpowers of their own – Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy – to help her evade capture, find her real mum, and finally grow to be a superhero. This is a coming-of-age tale that’s really worth a watch.

‘Wheel of Time’ (Amazon Prime Video): For all the people who’ve tried to go through the 14-book fantasy series, this is a much, much better version. The first season is all about introducing characters and entwining storylines but the makers have done quite a decent job of it. One among the village dwellers Rand, Egwene, Perrin, Matt and Nynaeve is the Dragon Reborn, believes Moiraine Aei Sedai. And he or she will make or break the world. When their village is attacked by the Dark One’s minions, they escape – and so begins the adventure of a lifetime.

‘Sooryavanshi’ (Netflix): If you liked director Rohit Shetty’s previous action movies ‘Simmba’ and ‘Singham’, then this is going to be right up your alley. Once again an honest cop takes on a corrupt organization – and the mafia. Both bombastic cops Simmba and Singham make an appearance too, so get ready for some fun times.

‘Dybbuk’ (Amazon Prime): It’s not often you come across a horror movie in Bollywood that’s worth watching, so we can’t recommend this one enough. When newlyweds Mahi and Sam move into a new home and begin to decorate, they come across an ancient box that they love. When Mahi gets the box home and unlocks it … well, you know, the haunting begins.

‘A California Christmas: City Lights’ (Netflix): It’s been a year since Callie and Joseph fell in love, and they’re living their best lives running a dairy farm. However, business and family obligations make them return to the city and threatens to change their love story.

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