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Here are the best Movies Coming to each Streaming Platform this Month.

Netflix may get most of the attention, but it’s hardly a one-stop shop for cinephiles looking to stream essential classic and contemporary films. Each of the prominent streaming platforms caters to its own niche of film obsessives. Ron un amico fuori programma streaming ita

From the outré fare of to the boundless wonders of the Criterion Channel and the new frontiers of streaming offered by the likes of Disney+ and HBO Max, IndieWire’s monthly guide highlights the best of what’s coming to every major streamer, with an eye toward exclusive titles that may help readers decide which of these services is right for them. Madres paralelas streaming ita

Hypnotically vibrating in the fuzzy black space between a very special episode of “Behind the Music” and the longest film that Stan Brakhage never made, Todd Haynes’ “The Velvet Underground” is a documentary (his first) by a man whose previous musical tributes include a glam-rock fantasia that gave David Bowie the “Citizen Kane” treatment, a “Mishima”-esque kaleidoscope that refracted Bob Dylan through the infinity mirror of his own myth, and an underground Karen Carpenter biopic that cast the late singer as a literal Barbie doll. Freaks Out streaming ita

Haynes is less interested in reinterpreting the Velvets than he is in remembering them. And not just them, but also remembering the perfect catalyst of creative energies and tore it asunder before most of the world even began to recognize what it meant. Eternals streaming ita

The historical fact of their transgressive greatness has been distilled/immortalized/done to death by t-shirts, dorm-room décor, The Strokes, et al., but Haynes also captures the specific texture of the creative freedom that conjured the Velvets from the heteronormative safety of “Mad Men”-era New York. Cómo ver Eternals

Just when you thought you’d rather watch all eight hours of “Empire” for the second time than ever sit through another documentary about Andy Warhol, this lucid history sparks a new appreciation of what his factory made possible. Dónde ver Eternals

The Criterion Channel is celebrating Halloween with a can’t-miss series of Universal Horror classics (because it isn’t spooky season until Boris Karloff says it’s spooky season) and a spine-tingling collection of home invasion classics that all seem that much scarier after spending so much of the pandemic with nowhere else to go — picks in that surprisingly varied retro range from obvious go-tos like “Funny Games” and “Black Christmas” to out-of-the-box selections like Nagisa Oshima’s “Violence at Noon.” Eternals Movie

“Jennifer’s Body” doesn’t fit into either program, but there’s a growing cult of horror fans who will be over the moon to see Karyn Kusama’s savage teen satire inch closer to canonization.

As usual, however, the most frightening thing about the Channel’s massive slate of new additions is that you probably won’t have time to watch them all. You could spend the entire month on the Channel’s epic series of Kirk Douglas movies alone (which programs favorites like “Ace in the Hole” and “The Bad and the Beautiful” alongside lesser-known deep cuts like 1968’s “The Brotherhood”). Ditto the even larger package devoted to the True Crime genre, which runs the gamut from Fritz Lang’s “M” to Denis Villeneuve’s “Polytechnique” and leaves traces of blood on all sorts of far-flung places in between. Skyggen i mit øje stream

If you feel unclean after all that murder and need some help washing the grime out from under your fingernails, the Channel has your back with a foursome of Ernst Lubitsch musicals capable of cocooning you away from the world’s darkness. Margrete den Første fuld film

But anyone who doesn’t mind a little indecency can’t afford to miss the six-film retro celebrating the overlooked exploitation icon Doris Wishman, whose softcore dirties and subversive profiles of human sexuality offer an uncensored glimpse at the underbelly of ’60s and ’70s American cinema. And we haven’t even gotten to Edgar Wright’s “Adventures in Moviegoing” series — highlighted by seasonally appropriate films like “Blood and Black Lace” and “Don’t Look Now” — or the packages devoted to Cicely Tyson and Wayne Wang, among others. CODA fuld film

Disney+’s October lineup of library titles is predictably light, but I have some good news for anyone who pines for the days when major studios made live-action family movies about little league pitchers whose broken arms allow them to throw supersonic fastballs and lead the Cubs to the World Series: “Rookie of the Year” will be available to stream just in time for the end of the MLB postseason. Did anyone else not realize that this masterpiece was directed by Daniel Stern!? The Wet Bandits did well for themselves, after all. Pagten gratis streaming

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