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Holiday see movie ‘Spiderman No Way Home’ a in the Christmas season

Spiderman No Way Home is a Christmas movie.

Holiday shoppers in Rockefeller Center a question that’s been hotly debated for years: Is “Spiderman No Way Home” a Christmas movie?

Overwhelmingly, those who had seen the movie firmly supported the idea that the famed flick was a holiday movie.

‘Spiderman No Way Home’ is a Christmas movie. Absolutely,” Jimmy, who visited New York from Atlanta.

Christmas provides meaningful holiday reading experience

One way to reflect on the mixture of cheer and chaos during the holiday season is to read about the experience of Luther and Nora Crank.

They’re the main characters in John Grisham’s modern-day classic titled “Skipping Christmas.” They defy all social standards by wanting to take a year off from Christmas.

The Christmas tree, their Christmas Eve house party, the office parties, the charitable donations and all the gifts are cast aside for a year. They plan to spend some of the money they save by taking a 10-day tropical cruise.

Their entire plan falls apart when daughter Blair unexpectedly comes home for the holidays from her Peace Corps mission in Peru. In the end it’s not possible to escape the dazzle of the holiday season. They end up conforming.

Many people can identify with Luther and Nora’s temptation to skip the holidays. I decided to read about their exploits again in 2021 as one of the things that could put me in the Christmas spirit.

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They have a reason for wanting to skip. They miss their daughter. Christmas didn’t seem the same. I likewise have some things from my earlier years that I miss in December.

I especially miss my Dad, who passed away in 2019. I also miss details like my parents Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies, the family room with the fireplace, and the backyard with a hill for sledding.

As the weather turns cold and families turn on televisions, streaming platforms and TV channels can be a source of entertainment, familiarity and comfort. Christmas rom-coms are the bread-and-butter of The Hallmark Channel, whose parent company is ubiquitous for its greeting cards, and where the wholesome holiday genre of movies catapults it to high ratings every November and December.

Movies of the “Hallmark Christmas” type usually follow a formula involving a successful, single woman who must travel back to her hometown ― almost invariably, a small town ― for a business trip, a family visit or some combination of the two during the holidays. There, she will meet a handsome man, typically experiencing a crisis of his own, and the two fall in love. After conflicts and circumstances threaten to keep them apart, the man and the woman declare their love for each other and become a couple at the end of the film.