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How A Quiet Place 2 Avoided Ruining Lee’s Death

Though A Quiet Place Part II has many similarities to the first movie in the franchise, it smartly avoids ruining Lee Abbott’s death by copying it.

A Quiet Place Part II has many similarities to the first film, but it smartly avoids ruining Lee Abbott’s heartbreaking death scene. The original A Quiet Place film tells the story of a family dealing with a post-apocalyptic world of sound-sensitive aliens. In the movie, Lee (John Krasinski) and Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) attempt to keep their children, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe), safe from monsters all while welcoming a new baby into the world. Unfortunately, things don’t go smoothly. In the end, Lee ends up sacrificing his life to keep his kids safe, drawing the monsters away from them with a scream. Thankfully, Regan eventually realizes that feedback from her hearing device is a weapon against the creatures, and Evelyn kills the monsters while they’re vulnerable.

The sequel picks up where the original film left off. After killing the monsters, Evelyn and her kids realize the aliens destroyed their home, and they take the new baby in search of another place to live. After drawing the attention of the monsters, the Abbott family goes on the run and bumps into their former friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy), who reluctantly helps them. Though Emmett initially wants the family to leave him alone, he eventually accompanies Regan on her quest to play her hearing device feedback over the radio, thus helping others fight against the monsters.

The A Quiet Place sequel makes a point of not diminishing Lee’s death. Regan and Emmett eventually get to a radio station in the sequel, hoping to play her hearing device feedback over the airwaves. However, one of the monsters is threatening them, and Emmett puts himself in harm’s way to try to protect Regan and give her time to set up the radio. When the monster finally closes in and is about to kill Emmett, Regan plays her feedback over the speakers, incapacitating the beast enough for her to kill it. By letting Emmett live, the movie avoids copying Lee’s tom und jerry.

If Emmett would’ve died in the same way as Lee, it could’ve hurt the original movie. Emmett is the opposite of Lee in the sequel, cowardly hiding from the monsters and trying to keep himself safe over others. Highlighting the point, Regan tells him in the film that he’s nothing like her father. Though he later does help Regan, putting her safety over his, he’s still no replacement for her dad. If anyone’s like Lee, it’s Regan, not Emmett. If Emmett would’ve died in the same way as Lee, it would’ve been predictable, made Lee’s death more forgettable, and gone against the message that Emmett wasn’t Lee.

The death would’ve also undermined the sequel’s ending. The final scenes of A Quiet Place 2 are a direct role reversal from the first film. The adults keep the kids safe in the first movie, sacrificing themselves and killing the aliens to defend their children. The sequel takes the opposite approach, with the kids protecting the adults. While Regan is busy saving Emmett, Marcus is also saving Evelyn from the aliens. The end of A Quiet Place Part II is all about the kids stepping up, and Cillian Murphy doing his best John Krasinski impression wouldn’t fit that too well.

A Quiet Place 2: Why Lee Only Tried Saving Regan In The Beginning

At the beginning of A Quiet Place Part II, Lee Abbott only tries to save his daughter Regan, and there are a few different reasons for it.

After an attack in the opening of A Quiet Place Part II, Lee only tries to save his daughter Regan, and there’s an apparent reason for it. Ahead of the main action of Paw patrol der kinofilm , Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) returns in a flashback scene. In the opening, the Abbott family attends Marcus’ (Noah Jupe) baseball game, and Lee stops at the store to pick up some post-game oranges for the players. The shop owner is watching some harrowing news, seemingly about a bomb going off somewhere, but Lee pays little attention and heads to the game. Lee briefly interacts with his friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy) at the ballpark while sitting in the stands, but all hell breaks loose soon after everyone sees a ball of fire shooting through the sky while Marcus is at-bat.

The main action of the Annette sequel picks up after the first film ends. Following the death of her husband, Lee, and the attack on their home by the sound-sensitive alien monsters, Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) moves her baby and her other two kids, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus, to a new location. On their journey, they meet a mysterious new character, who turns out to be their former friend Emmett. He’s a little less hopeful about the world since his family fell victim to the aliens, but he reluctantly helps them.