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Interesting Facts about the American Film Titled The 355 by Simon Kinberg

The American film about a spy made by director Simon Kinberg titled The 355 is now showing in theaters. Here are some interesting facts about THE 355 2022 which is currently showing in theaters.

1. 355 is not just a number

355 isn’t just a randomly chosen number, it’s actually a tribute to a famous patriot from the American Revolution. Agent 355 was the code name for female spies at the time, part of the Culper Ring (spy network).


His true identity is still unknown, as well as the fate of Agent 355, which remains a mystery to this day.

2. Starring international actress

The 355 is a spy film starring several women from different countries. Such as American actress Jessica Chastain, Spanish actress Penélope Cruz, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, German actress Diane Krueger, and Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o.

3. Player incentives are paid equally

While many films experience the problem of salary inequality, that is not the case in The 355. Jessica Chastain, who also produced the film, made sure that every main character was paid the same.

4. The 355 is Jessica Chastain’s idea

The 355 is the original concept Chastain wanted while working with director Simon Kinberg on X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Kinberg said he wanted to create a truly original piece.


Then Jessica told Kinberg she wanted to do a spy film with a female central character. Because only a few spy films have a female central character, especially films with the main character being a group of female spies.

5. Jessica Chastain asks viewers for suggestions

Chastain made sure fans felt part of the film from the very beginning. He did this by asking them for advice on Twitter when casting several male roles.

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6. Marion Cotillard left One

Oscar-winning actress left before production began in June 2019. She was French actress, Marian Cotillard, one of the first stars announced to join the film but was later replaced by German actress Diane Krueger. Those are the six interesting facts about The 355 film currently showing in theaters. Make sure you watch it.