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Iron Man’s Armor Originally

The early pages of the original Avengers comic series, Iron Man’s armor had its own rip-off, and vastly underpowered, version of Mjolnir. The enchanted Hammer of Thor is unique in that the only ones who can wield it are those who are worthy, with Thor being the weapon’s primary user. While Iron Man spent most of his comic career being unworthy of using Mjolnir, he evidently decided to make one himself, and like Thor with Mjolnir, only he can use his version. Iron Man’s armor in the original Avengers books was very different from his high-tech, modern-day suits. Firstly, Iron Man’s suit was literally made out of iron, which made him susceptible to rust anytime he encountered a great deal of water. Not only was it easier for villains to take him down, but his attacks didn’t have nearly as much power as they do now, even with his rip-off version of Mjolnir, which honestly seemed like more of a hindrance than a help during battle.

Avengers #2 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, a supervillain known as Space Phantom comes to Earth and immediately works to break apart Earth’s Mightiest Heroes so that he may reign supreme. Space Phantom had the power to perfectly mimic anyone he encountered, effectively becoming them while temporarily trapping the original versions in a limbo dimension. When the villain became the Hulk, he caused complete havoc, so when he transformed into the Wasp and brought the original Hulk back from limbo, Iron Man stepped up to take him down. However, given the Hulk’s strength, Iron Man quickly realized he needed to use a weapon stronger than his suit’s base-form had to offer. Giving himself a quick upgrade, Iron Man reaches into his built-in accessory compartment in the chest plate of his suit and whips out an attachable hammer that he screws into his suit over the fist of his right hand, saying to himself as he does so, with apologies to Thor!

Just as Thor is one of the only heroes in the Marvel Universe who can wield Mjolnir, only those who are wearing Iron Man’s Golden Armor can use his version of the hammer. Iron Man even admits that he’s ripping off Thor in this issue with that line of internal dialogue, so there’s no way he can claim that he just so happens to also have a special hammer that only he can use. While it seems to be fairly effective against the Hulk for the short time the two fought after he attached the weapon to his arm, Iron Man’s hammer was obviously cumbersome as he had to stop what he was doing and physically screw it into his arm. The weapon quickly fell into obscurity and has become almost a laughable thought that he would have an attachable hammer in the first place given how far his suits have come, technologically speaking. While it was short lived, Iron Man’s attachable hammer was a fun moment in his history as it seemingly implied that he liked Mjolnir so much that he decided to build his own version, and it actually worked pretty well against one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. However, Thor obviously already laid claim to that particular weapon, and two Avengers using a specialty war hammer is a bit much, though after Tony Stark made a few more decades worth of upgrades to his suits, it’s unlikely that he missed it much. Even though he doesn’t use it anymore, that doesn’t erase the fact that Iron Man’s armor originally had its own rip-off version of Mjolnir.

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