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Iron Man’s Samurai Armor Promises New Civil War

Looks Iron Man has had over the years, his newest is one of his most intriguing, even as it promises to kick off a dark new version of Civil War. The solicitation for Demon Wars: The Iron Samurai #1 has arrived, providing new details about the next installment of Peach Momoko’s very special corner of the Marvel universe. Iron Man is being reimagined as a samurai, fulfilling the promise of a startling look fans first saw over a decade ago. Peach Momoko’s own Momoko-Verse began with the Demon Days saga in 2021. The Stormbreaker artist has put a twist on classic Marvel characters. They have taken on new life and new roles, inspired by Japanese folklore. The success of Momoko’s Marvel series has led to the announcement of new stories coming this summer. This includes the opportunity for her to take on Marvel’s iconic Civil War in a new light with Demon Wars: The Iron Samurai.

The cover for this new comic has been revealed, along with a synopsis. It will continue the story of Mariko Yoshida, who has been headlining Momoko’s Demon Days saga. This will be a four-issue series and Iron Man is sure to play a prominent role within it, in his new form. However, this won’t necessarily be Tony Stark as fans know him, as Marvel’s solicit information suggests the armor may have a mind of its own. As a brutal Civil War breaks out between imaginative new versions of Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Panther and more, Iron Man will settle the conflict not with repulsor rays, but with a sword. Enjoy the solicit information and cover for the first issue, below:DEMON WARS: THE IRON SAMURAI #1 (of 4)
Variant Cover by GURIHIRU • Variant Cover by MATÍAS BERGARA
Variant Cover by AUDREY MOK • Variant Cover by MATTEO SCALERA
Variant Cover by TERRY DODSON • Variant Cover by RICKIE YAGAWA
Variant Cover by ALEX MALEEV • Variant Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
Journey into the imagination of STORMBREAKER PEACH MOMOKO with DEMON WARS! Peach takes her version of the Marvel Universe to the next level by transporting readers to another dimension — one filled with wondrous creatures: sentient samurai armor, a winged individual in a falcon mask, a mysterious panther person and a red, snakelike monster with a deadly appetite. When Mariko Yashida finds herself in the middle of a war between these creatures, will she be forced to choose a side? Don’t miss the next evolution of the Peach Momoko’s Marvel Universe!
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99
According to the solicit, Iron Man’s new samurai armor will be sentient, despite its traditional look. This will allow a full blend of his original character with his new Japanese redesign. This is a brand-new costume that the hero has not been seen in before, though it does hearken back to a variant cover design that was never realized in a full story. Dark Wolverine #85 from 2010 featured a variant cover by Humberto Ramos that made Iron Man into a samurai. He was seen in the traditional garb of a samurai complete with sodes, kusazuri, and a katana. In this cover, he did not have a kabuto, which is now incorporated into his latest redesign by Peach Momoko.

Universe, this new version of Civil War is likely to have a far higher body count than the original, and with his name in the title and a blade in his hand, it seems Iron Man will be responsible for cutting down some familiar faces. Typically, Iron Man’s armor is altered to add new technology. New armors build upon specific needs and what Iron Man has already done before. Now, his latest armor will still be built upon a specific need – spilling the blood of those he considers friends in Marvel’s main universe. Iron Man’s new samurai armor is set to make him a figure in Marvel’s dark new take on Civil War.