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Is the new Roland Emmerich disaster flick worth watching?

Lionsgate and Roland Emmerich created Moonfall, and it is ready to be seen on the big screen, Moonfall is the new astronaut movie, and we’ll tell you if it’s worth your time and money.

What is it about?

The latest doomsday film is set to be filled with action and adventure as two astronauts and a conspiracy theorist work together to attempt to avert the Moon crashing into Earth.

It opens with a narration from an old man remembering the first moon landing in 1969. He claims that Apollo 11 lost contact with the Earth, and that the expedition is not real.

The man thinks there is a lot more to discover about the Moon and ends with a message stating that this will be the Earth’s sixth extinction.

Shot in Montreal, the film is one of the most expensive independently-produced films of all time

What are the critics saying?

Critics believe Roland Emmerich’s movie is simply a disaster.

Words such as ridicule, catastrophic, stupid, vague, halfway functional, but with great effects describe the new Roland Emmerich film.

Emmerich used to be a great director. However, his past brilliant executions are incomplete in Moonfall.

“The big ideas in Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall are presented in the most rote and unimaginative fashion,” published Siddhant Adlakha on IGN.

Instead of disaster that feels like enormous spectacle supported by broad emotions, it plays out like a mechanical re-creation of much better films, some of them by Emmerich himself,” wrote Adlakha.

LA Times film critic Justin Chang describes Moonfall as the ” latest tee-hee disaster flick.”

“Moonfall is stupid, in other words, but I don’t mind admitting that it feels, at this point in time, like my kind of stupidity,” Chang published.

Roland Emmerich claims he doesn’t like shooting action scenes

Roland Emmerich is famous for his blockbuster disaster movies, which feature mass destruction and heavy action sequences. The German director’s latest addition to his repertoire of high budget disaster flicks is Moonfall, which was released in the United States on Feb. 4. The space film which stars Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and John Bradley received a mixed to negative critical reception. While Emmerich may have directed action films like Independence Day, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla, the director isn’t a big fan of shooting action scenes.

While discussing his new film with MovieMaker, Emmerich admitted he prefers shooting character-driven scenes to the large scale action sequences that he’s renowned for.

When you look at all my movies, there’s not much action in them. There are big action sequences, but there’s not much action. I actually don’t like much to shoot action. I prefer to get the action out of the way really fast.

Emmerich believes he achieved a perfect casting with Moonfall, and on the topic of preferring to shoot characters and their interactions with one another, the director had this to say:

I love working with actors, because they have, most of the time, very simple problems. Ask yourselves, what is the character’s problem? Then you say, oh, who could play them?… Most of the time it’s only two or three actors that could play [a character]. It’s sometimes really tough because you try to cast exactly the perfect people, which happens to be a real boon in Moonfall. In Moonfall, I have to say, we got exactly the right cast, even down to the smallest person.

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