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Korean Movie ‘In Our Prime’, When Mathematics Is No Longer Difficult to Learn

Synopsis Korean Movie In Our Prime, When Mathematics is No Longer Difficult to Learn, Airs Next March. In Our Prime (Hangul: ; RR: Isanghan Naraeui Suhakja, Mathematician in Wonderland) is a 2022 South Korean drama film directed by Park Dong-hoon. This film starring Choi Min-sik, Kim Dong-hwi, Park Byung-eun, Park Hae-joon and Jo Yun-seo is the story of a special class maths class between two outcasts: a genius mathematician with a hidden past and a student. the needy who gave up on math.

For school students, generally Mathematics is one of the most difficult and scary subjects when facing mid-term and final exams.

All students will continue to repeat the material on functions, algorithms, differentials and integrals.

‘In Our Prime’ Cast

  • Choi Min-sik as Lee Hak-sung
  • Kim Dong-hwi as Han Ji-woo
  • Park Byung-eun as Kim Geun-ho
  • Park Hae-joon as An Gi-cheol
  • Jo Yun-seo as Park Bo-ram
  • Tang Jun-sang as Lee Tae-yeon, son of Lee Hak-sung
  • Kim Won-hae
  • Joo Jin-mo
  • Kang Mal-geum as Han Ji-woo’s mother

Likewise, Ji Woo (played by Kim Dong Hwi) who is one of the characters in the film In Our Prime, even though he is a bright child in an elite high school, math can stress him out.

The bright Ji Woo is an elite high school student but suffers from stress because his low math scores can’t get him into college.

His teacher suggested moving to a regular school so he could get good grades, but he couldn’t because his mother felt very proud that he was in an elite school.

There appears to be Hak Sung (Choi Min Sik), a North Korean defector known as the Genius Mathematician, who currently works as a security guard.

Hak Sung was nicknamed the ‘North Korean People’s Army’ by the students because of his origin, rude and unfriendly.

One day Ji Woo finds out that Hak Sung is good at math and asks him to teach the subject.

Ji Woo believes he can get better grades in math if he learns from Hak Sung, the North Korean mathematician.

Hak Sung rejects Ji Woo if he only wants to study to improve his test scores. Hak Sung wants Ji Woo to be able to solve function and equation problems one by one.

During the private that happened, Ji Woo realized the basic essential knowledge in mathematics so that he could find the answer, this became more important than the answer itself.

As for Hak Sung, he has to face his past. What’s interesting about In Our Prime is when Hak Sung plays ‘The Pi Song,’ where Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter using musical notes to convince him that math is easy and beautiful.

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This film has a simple plot, but also manages to provide a point of view where Korean teenagers must devote their youth to fierce competition to enter college.

But don’t worry, when you watch this film, you won’t feel complicated with mathematical knowledge, this film can be enjoyed because it successfully combines complex mathematical idioms, models and formulas into fairy tale narratives or music.

Here, Choi Min Sik manages to portray the traitor and mathematician who feels left out in both the north and south, and creates great chemistry with Kim Dong Hwi. In Our Prime will premiere on March 9 in South Korea.

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