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That’s the death sentence handed down to a newborn baby at the start of this gentle, affecting Sudanese drama, the feature debut of director Amjad Abu Alala.

The scene has a kind of intense, dreamy realism. A couple bring their baby son to a Sufi naming ceremony in the desert, and while a sheikh performs the blessing, a dervish in a green jalabiya sways in a trance. The crowd chants numbers, one for every year of the baby’s life. “One … two … three …” At the count of 20, the dervish falls into a faint. The sheikh confirms everyone’s gasps: the baby will die at 20. “God’s command is inevitable.”

The film is a parable about the dangers of blind faith in religion and authority, but it’s also warmly compassionate and accepting of human nature. After the ceremony, the baby’s father Alnoor (Talal Afifi) can’t cope; he leaves the village to work abroad, telling his wife, Sakina (Islam Mubarak), that she’s stronger, she’ll manage. And she does, dressed in black as if her son Muzamil is already dead; understandably, she becomes overprotective. Finally, when he’s a boy of six or seven with a soulful expressive face (played beautifully by Moatasem Rashed) she lets him go to school where he’s bullied and nicknamed “son of death”.

Later as a teenager (now played by Mustafa Shehata), Muzamil is devoutly religious and doesn’t question his fate. Then his faith is cracked wide open by the arrival of Sulaiman (Mahmoud Elsaraj), a man from the village who has travelled the world and has come back to die. He drinks alcohol and introduces young Muzamil to cinema in scenes that possibly feel a bit familiar, though I found their tenderness irresistible. And there are some gorgeous images here, too, such as flecks of dust glimmering in beams of sunlight or banks of the Nile, which give the movie a kind of mythic otherworldliness.

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The sequel Luomo nel buio 2 is set in the years following the initial deadly home invasion, where Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) lives in quiet solace until his past sins catch up to him.

Zlatan Ibrahimović (AFI: [ˈzlatan ibraˈxiːmɔʋitɕ]; Malmö, 3 ottobre 1981) è un calciatore … Ibra l’uscita di un film su di lui.

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Giovedì 11 novembre, diretto da Paolo Costella, uscirà nelle sale Per Tutta La Vita, una commedia corale con protagonisti Ambra Angiolini, Luca Bizzarri.

They lived in a small village in Worcestershire, and the community was devastated by David’s death. “It was a very traumatic time, especially for the young people. We were all so shocked by what had happened,” says Clare. She and David’s other friends rallied around Andrew, to make sure that he was coping. Clare regularly cycled past the place where he restored old cars in his spare time to say hello. Andrew admits he “fancied her” but wasn’t sure he was ready to date. “I’d seen her once before my brother’s accident and liked her but hadn’t thought much about it. After he died, the loss was a lot to take on board.

That autumn, they met at a nightclub after some of David’s friends invited Andrew out. “They were looking after me. Otherwise I would have been sitting at home alone,” he says. He and Clare spent the evening dancing together to Donna Summer and Rod Stewart. “He was wearing a fetching zip-up cardigan and Oxford bags. I thought he looked gorgeous,” she says.

Later that evening, Andrew dropped Clare at home in his MG Midget. “My mum said I raved about the car more than Andy,” she laughs. At the time she had been dating someone else. “I’m not sure how happy he was about me driving her back,” says Andrew. That relationship ended soon after, and Andrew and Clare became an official couple.