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Memorial unveiled to remember victims on anniversary of the tragic accident

A new memorial now stands to remember those killed in the 1952 Farnborough Airshow disaster.

On September 6, 1952, pilot John Derry broke his DH. 110 through the sound barrier and flew low over the airfield.

Tragically, a fault developed in the aircraft and it disintegrated, sending debris over the people watching below. The pilot, flight observer Anthony Richards, and 29 spectators died in the awful accident.

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Until now, there has been no memorial to mark the event and to commemorate those killed.

On the 69th anniversary of the crash, relatives and residents gathered at the Farnborough Air Sciences Museum to unveil the new memorial raya és az utolsó sárkány teljes film magyarul.

Outside the museum sit commemorative bricks, each one engraved with the name of a person who died on that tragic day.

For over 18 months life-long Farnborough resident Michael Foreman, 74, had been campaigning to raise funds to create the memorial.

He was at the unveiling, alongside grandson Harry Foreman, 18. Both men delivered speeches at the ceremony.

Speaking to the crowd, Harry said: “I would love to recognise my Grandfather’s achievement in succeeding on his marvellous project to raise such a memorial for all those souls who perished on that awful day.

“I am so incredibly proud of him.”

Retired telecoms engineer, Mr Foreman, then read out all the names of the 31 people who tragically lost their lives.

The victims were from across the UK, having travelled to watch the famous Farnborough Airshow.

Nottinghamshire resident John William Joyce Gething, had almost missed the bus down to Farnborough.

However, passengers onboard convinced the driver to wait for the 54-year-old who tragically died in the accident.

His relatives had travelled down from Nottingham to attend the ceremony, and told Mr Foreman that their late mother would have been ‘pleased’ to know the memorial was finally created.

Speaking to HampshireLive after the unveiling, he said: “I’m really pleased, not for myself but for some of the victims and the relatives who came down here today.

“I am also pleased for the people of Farnborough because they’ve got something permanent now, people will walk past and see it all time now.”

Before raising the funds for the memorial, Mr Foreman spent months tracking down the names of the victims, using newspaper archives and local library resources.

He described the moment of reading out all the names as “un rescate de huevitos teljes film magyarul“.

He continued: “It’s taken 69 years for someone to do this, I’m 74 now so who would’ve done this if I hadn’t? Someone probably would have but I felt an obligation but it was something we enjoyed doing and we wanted to do it – even if it did drive my family mad.”

At the unveiling was the daughter and great-granddaughters of pilot John Derry. Jo Laurie-Phile was just four years old when her father tragically died in the accident.

Now living near Luton and aged 73, her family had no idea the project existed until her son, who is a teacher in Camberley in Surrey, heard about the memorial from a notting hill-i cukrászda teljes film magyarul who spotted it on Sunday (September 5).

Commenting on what Mr Foreman did, she said: “I’ve been very impressed, I think it is wonderful he has done a lot of work it must have been quite difficult tracking down all the names.

“It’s quite awful to say, but I am glad Tony and my father died because to live with that, had they survived, it would have been awful wouldn’t have it?

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