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Moonfall (2022) Film Review Directed by Roland Emmerich

Experienced in making disaster films, such as Independence Day (1996) and 2012 (2009), Roland Emmerich actually still uses a familiar formula for Moonfall. Some of these recipes, such as great destruction, natural disasters, to a series of strange phenomena due to lunar anomalies that are the core of the Moonfall story, are presented with impressive audio visuals.

The visual effects displayed during the tsunami to the meteor shower became a terrible sensation in itself. The gripping audio score also completes the picture of the cataclysmic disaster.

It’s clear that  MOONFALL (2022) shows how far Emmerich’s experience has gone from Hollywood’s version of the apocalypse and managed to hold my breath.

Unfortunately, the lavish and ambitious cinematography in Moonfall is not accompanied by rational and easy-to-understand scenario writing for ordinary people.

Emmerich and two other writers, Harald Kloser and Spenser Cohen, seem to have gone too far with the concepts of chaos in the universe and connected them to science. In the end, they are like the moons in Moonfall, too far out of orbit and making this sci-fi story too complicated.

This can be seen from the appearance of mysterious black forces, falling moon material, to various other dramatic apocalyptic scenes. In fact, CELÝ FILM MOONFALL (2022) might be more enjoyable if Emmerich didn’t try too hard to put together a complicated story.

Actually, Emmerich’s reason for doing that could be understood as an attempt to get out of the box from the apocalypse formula that is absurdly common. Unfortunately, the idea of ​​an ‘out of the box’ story that was executed backfired for this film. Even so, Emmerich did not abandon the distinctive aspect of disaster films, namely human drama.

MOONFALL (2022) ONLINE still shows how humans behave when in the midst of a disaster, attitudes and instincts when facing danger, to the survival instinct of mankind and their greed.

Narrative heroism is also still a selling point in this film. This is manifested by a trio of Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), Jo Fowler (Halle Berry), and KC Houseman (John Bradley), who are said to be humanity’s only hope.

Although it seems redundant, the trio’s composition makes the story more dynamic. Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson are able to appear classy and John Bradley can provide freshness with comedic twists and hilarious characters.

Several supporting actors also deserve appreciation, such as Charlie Plummer and Michael Pena. But once again, the humanitarian drama was not able to save the script of the story that was arranged. Especially when Emmerich brings the audience to the resolution section.

Emmerich’s imagination had clearly gone too far. Of the many possibilities, he chose one idea that made the audience frown because it was so utopian and far from the known science.

Although on the other hand, the possibilities for imagination are actually limitless in fiction and there is still a lot of science that has not been revealed in the universe and makes all possibilities possible.

In the end, Roland Emmerich’s attempt to combine apocalyptic and sci-fi disasters in MOONFALL (2022) CELÝ FILM can only be enjoyed by the audience if he leaves his rationality behind and focuses on his magnificent visuals. Moonfall can be seen in theaters starting February 4, 2022.

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