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Movie Info season Drama Film ‘Mondocane’ on Italy’s Launches World Sales

The company specialized in genre fare such as teen chiller that recently and launching world sales at Film Mondocane.

A dystopian drama about the struggle of two 13-year-old orphan boys in a Southern Italian gangland. Mondocane Streaming toplines.

In FIlm Mondocane, Borghi (pictured) plays the leader of one of two gangs vying for control of the Southern Italian port city of Taranto which in a dystopian near-future that has become a no man’s land surrounded by barbed wire and abandoned by police. The film is being marketed as an “Oliver Twist tale in a ‘Mad Max’ setting,” Minerva Pictures international sales executive. Delise noted that for Minerva, “Mondocane” segues from the international success it saw with Alessio Liguori’s “Shortcut,” which despite the pandemic recently went out theatrically on almost 700 U.S. screens via Gravitas Ventures.

Mondocane is produced by Rome-based Groenlandia, the company founded by multi-hyphenate Matteo Rovere (“Romulus”) and producer Andrea Paris with RAI Cinema and Minerva also on board as co-producers. In post is directed by Italy’s Alessandro Celli and marks Celli’s feature film debut after working in TV, most recently helming a children’s show produced. Filmmaker Cary Fukunaga has been waiting more than a year and a half for the biggest movie of his career, the James Bond film “No Time to Die,” to arrive in theaters. It has been a strange and surreal wait. Months before the much-delayed movie is even released on Oct. 8.

I had a dream last night where Sam Mendes was there,” Fukunaga said in a recent interview, referring to the director of the previous two Bond movies. “We were on vacation on some frozen lake. He was done with Bond films. And he was like, ‘Oh, you finished one. Now you get a break.’ Then we started, like, water skiing on a frozen lake.

It was a weird dream, in Film Complete

The Movie is this year, like much of the past 18 months, a little disorienting. On the way are movies once planned to open as far back as April 2020, like “No Time to Die,” summer movies that hope to find better conditions in autumn, and films that have been shot and edited during the pandemic.

What has coalesced is a movie mishmash something much more robust than last fall’s cobbled together, mostly virtual fall movie, a season that stretched all the way to the Oscars in April. But the recent rise in COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant has added new uncertainty to a time Hollywood had once hoped would be nearing normality. Everything is fluid, and everything will stay fluid,” says Tom Rothman, chairman and chief executive of Sony Pictures. “It’s the antithesis of the way it used to be. In the old days, you planted your flag and you didn’t move for hell or high water. Now, there’s a great premium on being very flexible and nimble.

The unpredictability of the conditions is universally shared but acutely felt at studios like Sony that even through the pandemic have remained largely committed to exclusive theatrical releases. While Disney (with Disney+) and Warner Bros. (with HBO Max) have sought to hedge their bets and boost subscribers to their streaming services with day-and-date releases in 2021, Sony, Universal, Paramount and MGM (home to Bond) — with various windowing strategies — have mostly stuck to theater-first plans.

In all the movies coming this fall. Citing the delta-driven surge, Paramount has uprooted from the season, booting “Top Gun: Maverick” to next year. But on the heels of some promising box-office performances, many of the fall’s top movies and leading Oscar hopefuls are only doubling down on theatrical, and the cultural impact that comes with it. Even if it’s a gamble.

We have a lot of inventory. You don’t want to keep pushing all of the films. At a certain point, have to go Film Streaming.