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Netflix’s Review Sounds Like Love: Before Watching It Without Spoilers

Sounds like Love is a newly released Spanish Film. It is one of the biggest releases of the Spanish Film Industry this year. This movie is based on a Spanish Novel whose name is Canciones y recuerdos. Till now, this movie has got a very good response from the audience. IMDB has rated it 6.4 out of 10 ratings. Juana Macias Alba has directed this movie. ElisabetBenavent and Laura SamientoPallares have written the storyline of this movie. Apart from this Netflix, has bought its distribution rights, and thus the movie could be watched on Netflix. Note: Tralala 2021 Streaming

Release: When did the Movie Released?
The movie’s release was delayed a bit due to the ongoing pandemic in the world. But at the starting of the year, itself there were some speculations that the movie would release in 2021. Later, the production also confirmed that the movie is all set to release on September 29, 2021, on Netflix. More: Mon légionnaire 2021 Streaming

Cast: Who all are Part of this Movie?
Starting with the director, the very famous Juana Macias Alba, directed this film. ElisabetBenavent and Laura SamientoPallares are the writers of this movie. This movie has got a huge star cast. Maria Valverde is playing the role of Maca. Álex González is also part of this movie, and he would be seen as Leo. Elisabet Casanovas is playing the character of Jimena. Susana Abaitua is also part of this series and would be seen as Adriana. The very gorgeous Eva Ugarte would be seen as Raquel. Note: Cigare au miel 2021 Streaming

Ignacio Montes is also part of this movie and would be seen as Samuel. ArturBusquets is playing the role of Jorge. Carlo Costanzia is also part of this movie and is playing the character of Coque. May other good actors are part of this movie.

The story of this movie revolves around the life of Maca, a girl who was bored of her job. She was an assistant for an influencer, and she used to meet several men in a day with whom she could connect emotionally. This made her more frustrated. So she planned to enjoy her life irrespective of her job and promised her friends that they all would live their life to the fullest. But life takes a turn, and meets mica with her ex, Leo. More: Gaza Mon Amour 2021 Streaming

She had a very bad experience with him. He decreased her self-esteem to very low. She tried her level best to leave all those memories behind. He treated her like a slave. Because of him, she had a very bad image of men. No, as Leo is back in her life, would she again feel frustrated, or is Leo now a changed guy? Watch the movie now to know. News: Delphine et Carole, insoumuses 2021 Streaming

This movie has got a good image amongst the audiences on the first day of release itself. It had been rated 6.4 out of 10 ratings by IMDB. So, these all points make it a must-watch movie for all lovers of the Spanish film industry. More: Fatima 2021 Streaming