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New Horror Movies 2021 Film Coming to Theaters and Streamers

Every new horror movie heading to screens soon, It can be hard to keep track of the new horror movies heading to theaters and streamers in any year, let alone during one frequently hamstrung by Covid-induced delays.

In the below list, though, we’ve done our best to highlight the biggest upcoming horror films worth keeping an eye out in 2021 and beyond – from returning franchises like Scream and Texas Chainsaw Massacre to original scary flicks like Jordan Peele’s Nope.

We’ll keep this list updated with new entries and revised release dates whenever relevant, especially as studio schedules continue to shuffle without warning.

Alongside the horror movies going straight to theater screens, we’ve also included those hitting the likes of Shudder, Hulu, HBO Max and Netflix, too. Where we’re unsure of a movie’s destination, we’ve assumed the former, and have included posters or stills where possible.

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Here are the holiday movies that were filmed in Minnesota

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Eternals, Reviewed New Marvel Movie

The word “auteur” is used to refer both to independent filmmakers displaying their originality under conditions of artistic freedom and to filmmakers who assert their individuality within the confines of the studio system. Chloé Zhao, the director of “Nomadland,” has always been the first kind of auteur, and with “Eternals,” which opens today, she takes her place among the second. Such a transition can be fascinating. Ryan Coogler’s artistic hand was unambiguously strong in “Black Panther,” as was Peyton Reed’s in the first “Ant-Man.” But directorial personality—and, even more so, originality—is generally hard to come by in the stringently produced, tightly interlocking Marvel domain. Zhao has said that she actively sought out the chance to direct a Marvel film. She was also one of the four writers of the “Eternals” script, and it shows: far from being an impersonal film, it blends her sensibility and the franchise’s, albeit to the advantage of neither.

The problem is hinted at from the start, with an elaborate crawl of text setting forth the backstory of the Eternals. They are introduced as a superhero team whose main purpose is to save the human race from monsters called Deviants. In this mission, the Eternals are under the quasi-divine reign of a group called the Celestials and its head, Arishem, and under the practical leadership of the foremost Eternal, called Ajak (who is played by Salma Hayek). The question of identity and purpose, which the opening text lays out, will ultimately be central to “Eternals” and will provide it with its few jolts of intrigue. Yet, strangely, the extensive world-building that the project demands appears to be no obstacle for Zhao, because she is an essentially expository director. Whether in “Nomadland” or “The Rider,” she tends toward contemplative observation of her characters’ interactions but does so with a tightly focussed sense of dramatic purpose: she rarely stops long enough to hear out her characters, lest she risk perturbing her unambiguous narrative frameworks. The quieter action that Zhao has filmed in the past and the turbulent action inherent to a Marvel movie prove surprisingly similar.