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New Movies and Shows This Week

Netflix is bringing a bunch of new movies and shows this week. Everything from a new Netflix Original drama series to a new season of a dating show to a sequel to a popular teen movie is being added to the lineup.

Likely one of the biggest shows of the week will be Inventing Anna. The series is based on a real-life story of a journalist who follows the story of Anna Delvey (played by Ozark’s Julia Garner), an Instagram influencer and heiress who turns out to be anything but what she says she is.

This week also brings season 2 of Love is Blind as well as Love is Blind Japan. Both shows will release new episodes weekly so, unfortunately, you can’t binge-watch the whole series.

Inventing Anna and Tall Girl 2 headed to Netflix this week

Both shows also have the same concept. Singles who want to find love based on who they are and not what they look like meet each other without ever seeing the other person face to face. They talk to each other in different pods and only when the men decide to propose do they meet face to face and spend time together.

Season 2 of Love is Blind comes to Netflix on Friday, Feb. 11, 2022, and Love is Blind Japan hits the streaming service on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022.

Tall Girl 2 is also coming to Netflix this week. The sequel releases on Friday, Feb. 11, 2022, and takes us back into the life of Jodi Kreyman. But instead of being an outcast, she’s dealing with her new popularity. She lands the lead in the high school musical but the stress and pressure send her confidence into free fall. Her popularity and her new cute co-star also don’t help her relationship with Jack.

Anniversary Of ‘Lilyhammer’ Premiere

On Feb 6, 2012, Lilyhammer, starring The Sopranos and E Street Band’s Stevie Van Zandt, marked the first original series to premiere on Netflix and introduced the binge model of releasing full TV seasons at once. The streamer’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos marked the anniversary with an essay posted on Netflix’s Web site and a video chat with Van Zandt in which the two reminisce about how the show got on Netflix and its legacy.

There is an asterisk to Lilyhammer‘s place in Netflix’s history. As Sarandos and Van Zandt admit in the video, House Of Cards was the first original series ordered by Netflix in a mega deal that shook up Hollywood. It was that news that prompted Van Zandt to seek a meeting with Sarandos. At the time, Lilyhammer already had a completed first season, so Netflix acquired a finished show that leapfrogged House Of Cards to the air. (Lilyhammer also makes for a more straight-forward celebration and a far less awkward conversation than a video chat with that series’ star Kevin Spacey.)

Both Sarandos and Van Zandt acknowledged the symbolism in the fact that Netflix’s first original was a local Norwegian production featuring subtitles. The streamer went on to make local production a cornerstone of its global expansion, taking non-English shows mainstream and turning series such as Lupin, Money Heist and Squid Game into global hits.

Read Sarandos’ note and watch the video below. In the chat, Sarandos also skewers Hollywood’s penchant for remaking non-American fare — even when it’s in English — and there is an amusing parallel to today with both Sarandos and Van Zandt chuckling to the latter’s comment how Netflix’s stock price was down at the time it was entering original scripted programming with Lilyhammer.

By Ted Sarandos, Co-CEO, Netflix

When you think about Netflix’s first original series, what do you think of? The White House? The Litchfield Correctional Institute… Nope, not those. Our actual first original series was Lilyhammer and today, February 6, marks the 10th anniversary of its historic Netflix premiere:

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A seminal moment in Netflix history began in a recording studio by the North Sea. Bergen is where Norwegian creators Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjørnstad approached Stevie Van Zandt about a show they wrote for him set in a small Norwegian town called Lillehammer. A few months later, having heard that Netflix was looking for original content, I got a call directly from Stevie, who wanted to send us the series. I asked if we could read the scripts and Stevie said “Scripts? I can send you the whole season.” We watched it and we loved it. I thought it was a classic fish-out-of-water story, with Stevie playing a role loved by audiences, and the interplay between his no-nonsense hitman Frank Tagliano and the gentle community around him made for some great comedy. It was a character that was so familiar in a culture that few audiences had seen. I wasn’t sure what would come from that first phone call with Stevie. I was (am) a huge fan of his music and I loved him in The Sopranos, so I was happy just to get to talk to him for a few minutes.