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New Movies On Demand: ‘The Time Is Now’

The pandemic has been difficult for many in Hollywood, but for some people it’s been a creative breeding ground. Language Lessons, one of our picks for this week’s new movies on VOD, is actress Natalie Morales’s feature directorial debut, and the film is most definitely a product of quarantine. In the film, an unlikely friendship forms between an online Spanish teacher, played by Morales, and her student, Mark Duplass, as she teaches him over Zoom.

And while relationships can surely blossom online, sometimes you need to take a trip back to your hometown to really get close to someone. In Time Now, newcomer Eleanor Lambert plays a woman who returns to her hometown after her brother’s death, and realizes she never really knew him. As she digs into his life, she also discovers the mysterious circumstances of his death.

For an animated film, The Spine of Night has an incredible cast. The grisly animated horror flick (Not! For! Kids!) stars Richard E. Grant, Lucy Lawless, Patton Oswalt, Joe Manganiello and Get Out‘s Betty Gabriel, and spans the course of hundreds of years to tell the story of an all-powerful flower that, if picked by the wrong hands, can cause great suffering to the world. (Cut to the flower being in the wrong hands.) This is the story of the how this symbolic flower wreaks havoc across societies and across history, and of those who want to stop it.

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Language Lessons

There’s been a rise in platonic love stories lately. (Together Together comes to mind as a recent one.) Maybe it’s quarantine, maybe it’s just that people are just more willing to make films that are purely about a non-romantic personal connection lately, but there’s a warmth and an oddly comforting feeling knowing there doesn’t have to be a “will they or won’t they” component for a relationship movie to be satisfying. Language Lessons, a film that its actors shot remotely over Zoom, is the story of Adam (Mark Duplass), whose husband gifts him weekly online Spanish lessons with Cariño (Natalie Morales). Initially hesitant, Adam and Cariño get to know one another over the course of the classes and form a bond that sees them through a dark period of Adam’s life.

Time Now

Time Now is a thriller that marks the acting debut of Eleanor Lambert, who happens to be Diane Lane’s daughter. In the film, Lambert plays Jenny, a woman estranged from her family, but who returns to her home when she learns her twin brother has been killed. After she gets there and meets some of his friends, she realizes that maybe there was more to his death than anyone though, and she’s driven by her grief to find the truth.

The Surprising Ending To Netflix’s Viral New Christmas Film, ‘Love Hard’ Explained

Whether you’re a Love Actually purist or the driving force behind your household’s annual re-watch of the Home Alone films, there’s no denying the festive feeling that comes from watching a good old-fashioned Christmas film.

Of course, recent years have brought us a plethora of new Christmas films—to name a few, Vanessa Hudgens’ The Princess Switch and Emilia Clarke’s Last Christmas both slotted seamlessly into the coveted film category.
And this year, we’ve got yet another festive movie to add to the list— Netflix’s Love Hard. A rom-com as modern as they come, the narrative follows LA girl Natalie (played by Nina Dobrev) who meets a New Yorker named Josh on a dating app and decides to surprise him for the holidays despite having never met him. When she arrives at his house on the other side of the country, she discovers she’s been catfished.
A little awkward, yet undoubtedly charming, the real Josh (played by Jimmy O. Yang) tries to rectify his actions by attempting to help set Natalie up with the man he pretended to be, Tag (played by Darren Barnet).

While the premise of the movie isn’t an unfamiliar rhetoric (girl-meets-boy, they fall in love, something tears them apart, will they get back together?), there’s a sweet twist at the end of the film not all viewers saw coming.
So whether you’re reading this article as you watch the film, or you simply want to know what happened when Natalie made her final decision, scroll on as we explain the ending of Love Hard.

Natalie tries to win Tag over by pretending to be someone she knows she’s not. Ironically, this mirrors the very thing Josh, her catfisher, did to her.
When Natalie decides to end things with Tag for this reason, she realises the real person she has feelings for has been standing in front of her all along—Josh.
She then proposes to Josh, and the pair look like they’ll live their happily ever after together as the film wraps.

Of course, we can’t help but wonder what happens to Tag when Natalie and Josh finally end up together, and a second instalment to the film would no doubt clear that up for us.
Netflix is yet to confirm if the movie will get a sequel, but if its as popular as previous Netflix Christmas films (ahem, we’re looking at you, The Princess Switch), then there’s every reason to think we’ll get a Love Hard 2. Stay tuned!
Love Hard is available to stream on Netflix right now—login or sign up here.