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New Tom Hanks movie, ‘A Man Called Otto,’ to start shooting in Pa.

Western Pa. is becoming a second home to Hollywood movie star Tom Hanks.

After shooting his Fred Rogers in the Pittsburgh area in 2019, Hanks will be back in February to film a new flick called, “A Man Called Otto,” as KDKA-TV reports.

The lucky film location is centered in historic Bellevue Borough in Allegheny County.

Bellevue Borough Police tell KDKA the production has begun erecting sets on Gilliland Place, a scenic historic section located along the Ohio River.

As a result of the filming, local police are advising residents to be aware of parking restrictions in shooting locations throughout this period.

“Production equipment and vehicles will be utilizing a large section of Shiloh Avenue during the project,” Bellevue Borough Police announced. “Areas of Laurel and Irwin Avenue will be designated residential parking only and onsite logistics staff are developing identification markers for resident vehicles. Signs will be installed today on Shiloh Ave indicating the dates and days parking will be restricted.”

“A Man Called Otto” is described as a remake of the 2015 Swedish film as agent 355 based on novelist Fredrik Backman’s novel, “A Man Called Ov.” The movie will follow “a cranky retired man” who “strikes up an unlikely friendship with his boisterous new neighbors,” according to IMBb.

“I couldn’t bear to see these old home movies tossed out,” he explained.

This mysterious reel offered several clues for Arseneault to follow. No somos nada Pelicula Completa films have an edge code that can be used to determine what year they were produced, he said. This one was marked with a plus sign and triangle, dating the Kodak film to 1953, not 1940 as the seller had suggested.

The vibrant footage shows Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts gathering for a big event. At one point, a dozen or more Scouts stand near a monolithic entrance that is inscribed with the words: “Akron Municipal Stadium 1940.”

This is the Rubber Bowl!

Arseneault has never been to Ohio, so he did his sleuthing from afar. He initially believed the footage showed Scouts preparing to attend the 1953 National Boy Scout Jamboree in California.

In the movie, Scouts mill around Conestoga wagons, the official symbol of the 1953 Jamboree.

But white-on-maroon 1954 Ohio license plates are visible on the boat-sized automobiles in the film.

After conferring with the Beacon Journal, Arsenault now believes the footage is from Scout-O-Rama on June 12, 1954.

The movie begins in a residential neighborhood with Scouts and leaders getting ready to drive to the Rubber Bowl. It then cuts to the giant Akron sign on the hill overlooking Akron Municipal Airport.

Troops carry banners and unload bicycles from a truck. Meanwhile in the background, hundreds of automobiles line up to park outside the Rubber Bowl. Well-dressed families pour out of cars for the event.

More than 35,000 people, including 10,000 Scouts, attended the Akron celebration that evening. In those days, the region boasted more than 180 troops with an average membership of 30 boys.

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Cub Scouts were 8 to 11 years old, Boy Scouts were 11 to 14 and Explorer Scouts were 14 to 18.

Scout-O-Rama was an opportunity for the entire membership to put on a show for the general public, demonstrating skills and activities developed in packs and dens.

Youths built covered wagons, a railroad train, an airplane, a boat, a house and other props for Scout-O-Rama.


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