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New variant of Corona XE and its symptoms

The emergence of various variants of the corona virus causes different symptoms. Denis Kinane, Leading Immunologist and Founding Scientist of Cignpost Diagnostics has revealed the symptoms of variant XE. The XE variant is a hybrid variant of two subtypes of the Omicron variant, namely the BA1 and BA2 subvariants.

Denis Kinane said this XE variant, which is a combination of BA1 and BA2 subvariant mutations, is called a recombination variant. “This means that the new recombinant variant takes on the characteristics associated with each strain, but is not necessarily the more dangerous version,” Denis said. For example, the Omicron variant has a number of mutations and is genetically different from previous versions, including the Delta variant.

Recent data show that the Omicron variant has more than 50 mutations, many of which are in the spike protein which is the way the virus enters our cells in the first place. The spike protein is the most prominent external feature of the virus that the immune system recognizes, responds to and uses. us to develop antibodies It is these mutations that mean that different variants often come with new or unique symptoms.

Symptoms of Variant XE

Mutations in the spike protein could mean the virus attacks different human cells more efficiently. For example, some variants enter the cells of the upper respiratory tract more efficiently than the lining of the lungs.

Most of the symptoms of the coronavirus variant are similar to those of the common cold. However, Denis said this XE variant is slightly different. This XE variant comes with slightly different symptoms, which are thought to be more like runny nose and sneezing as symptoms. “Symptoms of the new variant can also include a sore throat,” he said.