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Recommended 5 Most Popular Disney Movies in 2021

The next Disney movie recommendation is a film that airs in 2021. Even though it’s already aired, the Disney movie recommendations below are still very popular today.

For those of you who haven’t watched it, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what are the recommendations for the most popular Disney movies that you must watch. Meanwhile, the attractive characters, characters, and visuals make the following Disney movie recommendations an option.


The recommendation for the latest Disney movie to be shown on Disney+ is ENTERNAL. This film was released in 2021 and tells the story of an alien race group called the Eternals.

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Eternals came to earth to protect humans. But they again have to deal with an enemy that threatens the earth.


The next Disney movie recommendation is LUCA. This film was released in mid-2021 with a fairly high rating of 7.5 according to imdb. Meanwhile, the synopsis of this film tells about the character Luca who is a sea monster.

However, an unexpected event occurs when Luca breaks the rule not to appear before humans. If you are interested, you can make this film a recommendation for watching the right time on vacation.


Disney movie fans, of course, are very familiar with the film RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON which was released in 2021. This film is quite popular and is a recommendation for Disney films that can be watched.

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Because this film tells the story of a girl named Raya with a thrilling journey to find the last dragon. The goal is to save the residents of Kumandra who are affected by evil magic. This film also presents a touching message behind Raya’s adventures, namely family, friendship and courage.


Another Disney movie recommendation is ENCANTO. ENCANTO tells the story of a peaceful and harmonious family life in a mountainous village. A girl named Encanto tries to find her identity that looks different from other families.

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The reason is that he is the only one who does not have supernatural powers. This film has been released in 2021, but it could be an option for viewing recommendations from Disney.


The next Disney movie recommendation is JUNGLE CRUISE. This film was released in 2021 which tells the story of a ship captain who adventures in the Amazon jungle.

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Various tense events occur when Frank Wolff tries to find the tree of life. The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramirez, Jack Whitehall and others.

Those are some of the most popular Disney movie recommendations. So that it can be used as an option for your viewing on holidays.

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