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Recommended Movies to Show on Netflix January 2022

Streaming service Netflix has released a list of movies that will premiere in January 2022.

In January 2022, there will be many quality films by the nation’s children and well-known foreign directors with various genres. Here, we’ve rounded up six interesting films that will hit Netflix in January 2022.

You can find suspenseful horror films, films with important social issues, to entertaining comedy films. Check out the 6 recommendations and note the release date!

1. A Quiet Place (Airing January 1)

For those of you who want to open the new year with an adrenaline-pumping film, A Quiet Place is the perfect film for you.

This horror and thriller film tells the story of a family separated from the outside world.

They live in a trap and try not to make the slightest sound.

The reason is, the sound that comes out of their mouths and their movements will attract the attention of scary aliens.

2. Mom/Android (Airing January 7th)

This adventurous film stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, and Raúl Castillo.

Mom/Android tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world rocked by the rebellion of a group of androids or robots.

In this chaotic state, a young pregnant woman tries to save herself.

Together with her lover, this woman must fight for the birth of her child in the midst of a future robot attack.

3. Light Copy (Airing January 13th)

Pengalin Cahaya is director Wregas Bhanuteja’s feature-length film debut which has made history at the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival.

The film, starring Shenina Cinnamon, managed to buy up 12 Citra Cups.

Copy of the Light tells the story of Sur, a student, who loses her scholarship because her photo while unconscious is spread.

Sur also finds out what happened to him and who shared the photo when he was unconscious on the night of his college theater party.

In his action, Sur asked his best friend since childhood who worked as a photocopier.

4. The Royal Treatment (Airing January 20)

This romantic comedy film stars Laura Marano, Mena Massoud, Chelsie Preston Crayford, and Cameron Rhodes.

The Royal Treatment tells the story of a hairdresser in New York named Izzy.

He took the opportunity to work at the wedding of a prince charming and famous.

But the sparks between them start to grow as they spend time together.

Will love or prestige win this time?

5. Home Team (Airing January 28)

This sports-themed film stars Jackie Sandler, Kevin James, and Taylor Lautner.

Home Team is a film based on the true story of an NFL football coach, Sean Payton.

At the time, Sean Payton was being suspended for making amends by coaching his own son’s soccer team in Texas.

Sean also learned many things about family in a team and good cooperation between individuals.

Those are the five recommendations for films that will air on Netflix in January 2022 that can be your choice of viewing, Madam friend.

6. The 355 (Airing January 15)

The 355 is a 2022 American spy film directed by Simon Kinberg from a screenplay by Theresa Rebeck and Kinberg, and a story by Rebeck. The film stars Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Bingbing Fan, Diane Kruger, and Lupita Nyong’o, as a group of international spies who must work together to stop a terrorist organization from starting World War III; Édgar Ramírez and Sebastian Stan also star. The title is derived from Agent 355, the codename of a female spy for the Patriots during the American Revolution.

The 355 film will show how elegant and another side of a woman is through roles and scenes with full of tension.

If most action films always offer stories with male characters, it is different with The 335.

‘The 355’ is an action spy film directed by Simon Kinberg. ‘The 355’ tells the story of a team of spies from international agencies who must unite and work together to prevent conflict, and stop an incident that can send shockwaves around the world.

Even more interesting, these women come from various ethnicities and have to put aside competition.

Their distrust of forming a faction, codenamed 355 after the first female spy in the American Revolution.

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