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‘Red Rocket’: Delusional Adult Movie Actor on The Skids

The adult-film actor, blessed by God and genetics, star of The Fast and the Fury-Ass? 2000 movies, 13 AVN nominations, six awards (including Best Oral, which Mikey will tell you he more than earned, because, like, he was doing all the work)? Got 800 — almost 900 — subscribers on his Pornhub channel? Don’t worry, he’ll wait while you Google him.

A native of South Texas, Mikey did the usual go-west-young-well-endowed-man thing, became a big deal in L.A., transitioned to managing stars, got chewed up and spit out. Now he’s showing up at his estranged wife Lexi’s place back in the Gulf Coast, fresh off a two-day bus trip and what looks like a bad beating, long story, he’ll tell you later.

Our man is looking for a place to crash. Neither his spouse nor her mother want Mikey there. Mikey doesn’t care. Mikey has to put his life back together, and he’ll beg, borrow, steal, screw and charm anyone he needs to until he can figure out what comes next.

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Spend some time in the company of Mr. M. Saber (née Davies), and you can see why writer-director Sean Baker called his new movie Red Rocket — besides, of course, the connotations to the physical attributes that made this hustler a celebrity in the first place. A sort of companion piece to Starlet, Baker’s 2012 porn-industry-adjacent drama, this character study essentially straps you into the passenger seat next to Mikey and launches itself recklessly into orbit.

And trust us when we tell you that Saber is the sort of deluded, narcissistic, as-nasty-as-he-wants-to-be bro you normally wouldn’t want to be around. Biking around Texas City like a rangy 12-year-old, selling ratweed to refinery workers, regaling his twentysomething neighbor with mythic tales of raunch, this fuck-up is just a few steps above bottom-feeding. Only Baker could somehow make a Pilgrim’s Progress about a loser with a giant penis into a slightly goofy, cracked celebration of life on the fringes. He wants you to recognize that this guy is bad news, and also recognize yourself in him, even if it’s just a flicker.