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Review: J-Movie Hot Road

Hot Road. Hot road. Stormy road.
Based on a manga by Tsumugi Taku, the movie, starring Rena Naounen and Hirooki Tosaka, became a movie that was quite popular in 2014 so it won an award.
Tells the story of a middle school girl with family problems and dealing with a 16-year-old teenager, a member of a motorcycle gang.

Honestly, at first I didn’t read the spoiler of this movie Psići u ophodnji: Film cijeli film sa prevodom, but because I couldn’t stand it in the middle I visited Asianwiki and I regretted it. If you don’t know anything and watch from the beginning, then you will think this is the love story of a middle school girl with a naughty teenager who is around 24 years old. Forbidden love. But I was shocked when I read the synopsis on Asianwiki that the guy was only 16 years old, OMG!!! If they had made the man more mature, the story would have been more tragic and more meaningful, but 16 is too young in my opinion. Well, to be honest, I like the love story of the age difference that is quite far HAHHAAHHA.
Because my expectations were too high, I finally decided to assume the man was 24 years old. HAHAHAHA

Kazuki Miyaichi is a quiet middle school girl Luka cijeli film sa prevodom hrvatski. It has almost no expression. He was even caught stealing at a mini market and taken to the police station. His friend even cried, but he was silent, he didn’t show any expression.
This is because he is very lonely. He returned home, the house was empty, dark. He lived alone with his mother, his father died when he was a child and his mother did not care about him at all. She knows her mother and father got married because they were arranged when her mother liked someone from the same high school, and now, the man is getting divorced, and the man is in a relationship with his mother. Kazuki hated that. Her mother loves her boyfriend more than her.

Kazuki has one friend at school, a transfer girl named Eri. Eri is widely gossiped by her friends as a girl who has an abortion, everyone doesn’t like her. But only Kazuki was friends with her Zloćudno (2021) cijeli film besplatno.

Eri is a free girl, it seems that she used to attend school in Yokohama before being transferred, so one day she took the innocent Kazuki to meet someone named Hiroko-san, a friend of her brother’s. Kazuki was quite shocked that the girl looked like a bad girl. Eri says that the girl is the girlfriend of the motorcycle gang leader named Tooru. They will meet Tooru, unfortunately Tooru is busy, so they will visit a man named Hiroshi Haruyama, Tooru’s right hand man.
Kazuki wasn’t too interested as the two conversed with Haruyama. He just sat some distance away looking out at the sea. But Haruyama’s eyes caught him and were attracted to him. She started to approach Kazuki and talk to him, but Kazuki kept quiet. Haruyama knew that Kazuki had family problems, Kazuki kept quiet. Haruyama even made fun of him by splashing water, making Kazuki even more irritated and hitting him. Haruyama was angry. He threatened Kazuki, if he saw Kazuki’s face again, then Kazuki would die.

Eri likes to be friends with motorcycle gang kids. So they frequently visited motorcycle gang gatherings, of course with Kazuki with him. Kazuki was really scared to see Haruyama, afraid of being killed. Tooru was instead attracted to Kazuki and called him personally, he wanted to see which hand dared to hit Haruyama. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
At first I was really afraid that Kazuki would be harmed, but it turns out that Tooru is a good guy. It was Haruyama who was annoyed to see Kazuki being interviewed. From the start Plaćenica (2021) Online filmovi I had the feeling that Haruyama liked Kazuki, because even though he was threatening but he still drove the girl home.

At least for some time Kazuki always came home at dawn and no one questioned him. Her mother didn’t want to know at all. Bad mother. That was why Kazuki preferred to wander off, even though he rarely spoke. I was even shocked when Kazuki’s mother called her boyfriend and said that she didn’t understand Kazuki. Well, mom, how can you understand your son? When he comes home you are not at home, you rarely eat together, once you eat you don’t talk, ckckckckckck. I feel that her mother is very selfish, in front of her child she always says her sad love story, why are they united after marrying someone else and blah blah blah. Did he not think about Kazuki’s feelings as his son?
Eri and Kazuki were also still too young. Maybe he thought all the male groups were like the Escape Room 2: Bez izlaza cijeli film sa prevodom which I thought was fine, they even wanted to be invited by people and almost something bad happened. Luckily the two were able to escape when Haruyama and the others came to the rescue. There I could also see how worried Haruyama was.
Eri sobbed because of that incident, but not Kazuki. He just silently embraced Haruyama. Haruyama drove him home. Maybe he knew Kazuki was the type of person who would keep everything to himself, so he returned to the house and saw Kazuki sitting on the floor and finally for the first time he cried in Haruyama’s arms. Even though at that time he called his mother.