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Robert Pattinson on the Surprising Challenges of His Batsuit

The Batman star had to be careful entering and exiting certain spaces while in costume, In addition to the pressures of bringing an iconic character to life in The Batman, star Robert Pattinson had to learn how to act and move in a Batsuit that wasn’t always conducive to airflow, small spaces or wide fields of vision.

“It must have been about 10 months before I first put on the suit,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I did a screen test in George Clooney’s suit and it was terrifying because it was absolutely boiling hot and [I was] pouring sweat. I sweat a lot anyway, and this is just like a torrent coming out the whole time. And I thought that was what it’s going to be like when I was shooting the movie. I’d been thinking, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I need to get some Botox in my sweat glands or something because otherwise there’s absolutely no way of doing this movie.”

Pattinson, 35, says he was relieved to find out there had been some beneficial design changes to his suit when he finally got to put it on.

“It was just so nice. And it was so incredibly well designed,” he says. “First of all, it looked so cool. Normally all the Batsuits are these pristine superhero suits, these latex, or rubber suits. And this was like a dusty soldier’s suit with bullet grazes in it and gashes all over it. And the bat symbol has tons of scratches and wear. There’s little blood stains on it and things, I really wasn’t particularly expecting that. And then I put it on and it felt so well articulated. You look in the mirror and it’s completely transformative. I mean, you suddenly [feel] 10 times the size.”

Where actors who’ve previously played the Caped Crusader have had issues with ventilation and design, Pattison said he mainly had trouble getting in and out of smaller spaces due to the size of some of the suit’s features.

“The main thing was the shoulders and also the neck. Because I could technically get out of my clothes, but I couldn’t see where anything was,” he says.

Costar Zoë Kravitz, who plays Catwoman/Selina Kyle in the film, says she observed many of those moments herself.

“I remember watching you try and put things in your pockets,” she says.

“And then try and turn around, you get trapped in rooms,” says Pattinson. “You could get in, but you couldn’t get out without going backwards.”

Adds Kravitz: “You had to reverse and try from a different angle.”

In addition to mastering certain movement in the Batsuit, Pattinson says landing the role has given him some extra cachet with a few friends.

“My friend Kurt was one person who, I don’t understand how he managed to see, but there was like an early tweet [with the news] and he must have seen it. I was like, ‘Do you have Google alerts on my name?’ Because he must have called me up within seconds.’

Quips Kravitz: “You’re like, ‘Are you obsessed with me?'”

“I could not believe how excited he was,” says Pattinson. “He’s definitely asked me the most about it.”

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The Batman Star Wrapped Himself in Plastic for Riddler Role

A new detail about The Batman reveals that Riddler actor Paul Dano enveloped himself in plastic to explore the Prince of Puzzles’ twisted methods. New information about The Batman revealed that Riddler actor Paul Dano covered himself in plastic to play the movie’s Prince of Puzzles.

During an interview between Dano, director and co-writer Matt Reeves and EW, it was stated that Dano got the idea that the Riddler should be enveloped in plastic wrap as a means of preventing any sort of DNA from being left behind during his crimes. Unfortunately, his mask caused Dano to become too hot, with Reeves remarking, “[Dano] took off the mask. He was beet red.”

“My head was just throbbing with heat,” Dano continued. “I went home that night, after the first full day in that, and I almost couldn’t sleep because I was scared of what was happening to my head. It was like compressed from the sweat and the heat and the lack of oxygen. It was a crazy feeling.” Eventually, the film’s costume department worked out how to make Dano’s mask more breathable, making it less troublesome to wear.

Outside of Dano’s idea, Reeves revealed that a real-life serial killer was the inspiration for the Riddler, noting, “The premise of the movie is that the Riddler is kind of molded in an almost Zodiac Killer sort of mode, and is killing very prominent figures in Gotham, and they are the pillars of society.” The director further explains that the Riddler also exposes these powerful figures, revealing them to be more sinister than previously believed.

Dano himself also discussed how comic-accurate the villain would be in the movie. “[Reeves] was bringing something real to this,” the actor commented. “It’s part of what’s scary about it. I know some of his references are like the Zodiac killer. For me, that was a small part of it. I think that this character’s intent is far greater than somebody like that.” Dano also revealed that he prepared for the role by reading plenty of comics, but only did so for fun and to “soak up any vibrations one can.”

Further details surrounding the Riddler in The Batman were revealed in the prequel novel Before the Batman: An Original Movie Novel (The Batman). Among said details, the book revealed that the Riddler’s real name is Edward Nashton and that he and Bruce Wayne went to the same high school. Additionally, the character’s eerie theme music from Michael Giacchino was recently released, giving fans a taste of the character’s sinister energy.