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She Was Ambitious And Had A Bright Future

Dark and alluring, You creates the ultimate gothic fantasy with characters that have disturbing urges, with love being the main motivation. From Joe Goldberg to Peach Salinger, almost every character in the show has nefarious intentions, or the possibility of becoming very lethal, very quickly in their own way.

While some may prefer murder, others like Sherry use intimidation and disdain as a weapon to beat people down. Every romance is a game of Russian Roulette, and every player is more dangerous than the next to each other and to some unsuspecting ladies.


Guinevere Beck

Beck may have had some traits that were not the best, but she wasn’t very scary or threatening in any way. Besides the infidelity, the parental issues, a total lack of self preservation, and her occasional lies, she was just a sweet college girl trying to navigate society and school with almost no resources.

She was ambitious and had a bright future, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt a fly. Her whole life was unfairly snuffed out for no fault of her own.


Theo Engler

Natalie’s step son was a big ol’ puppy dog who had doe eyes for Love next door, and he could hardly do anything to hurt anyone. He was a regular college kid who had trouble adjusting with tragedy, his obsessed father, and a forbidden romance with an older woman.

The only thing that made Theo dangerous was his sharp eye for things that were amiss — he spotted Joe getting into Natalie’s Tesla before Matthew did (a serious You plot hole) and set in motion the unravelling of the Quinn-Goldbergs carefully constructed facade of normalcy. He was lethal for Joe and Love.



Joe’s latest obsession Marienne was a character with integrity and a great work and personal ethic, but she did have a checkered past which made her slightly scary. Her previous struggles with addiction had destroyed her life, and unfortunately she teetered on the edge sometimes which made her only harmful to her own self and her daughter’s well-being.

She was a lovely lady who had a disease which could be unpredictable, which could be seen when she sat with a liquor bottle outside a store after Ryan threatened her. Marienne was someone who could hold her own in dire circumstances which made her a little more dangerous than the rest.


Forty Quinn

Love’s younger brother was usually a happy-go-lucky young man, the way wealthy young adults tend to be, but he could be pretty menacing and erratic when he was in the mood. A notable moment of this was when he offered a newly young couple some money, only if the bride made out with him at that very second. It was a total power move which left even viewers unsettled.

He was also a big threat to Joe because of how much of his life he figured out by reading Beck’s book and from Candace’s warnings. Forty was a wild card who could be vicious when he wanted to be.


Delilah Alves

The young and driven investigative reporter could be savage and harm others, but in a different way. After having seen the dark parts of LA and Hollywood, she was determined to bring down predators and criminals in the industry, and her access to information was her source of power.

She could destroy people if she wanted to, and would do anything to protect her sister Ellie from the same fate as hers. She was tough with Joe too, but her pluckiness made her meet her end.



Joe’s sweet, book-loving neighbor was just a kid, but it was his loyalty to him that proved just how lethal he could be. Being a child, he didn’t know better and blindly trusted the kindly man in the next-door apartment, but Paco’s wilful ignorance of Beck’s pleas was cold and scary.

He was obviously indebted to Joe for getting rid of his mother’s boyfriend, but the violence of even that attack didn’t faze him, neither did Beck’s cries for help. Paco definitely had a sinister future ahead of him.


Candace Stone

Joe’s ex was treated criminally by him, literally, but it takes a daredevil woman to survive his attack, and dig herself out of the ground and survive. After getting almost zero support from the authorities, Candace decided to take the tough road and make Joe pay for his mistakes.

She tracked him down, inserted him into his life in LA, and took him head-on after he tried to kill her, which takes a lot of gumption. She was so menacing that she scared murderers, but she would have probably done better if she ran away and lived her life out in peace. note: Becca, Returned For Bachelor In Paradise


Peach Salinger

Beck’s best friend was no ordinary girlfriend. Behind the concerned face lay a predator who struck when Beck was asleep, or not looking. Just like Joe, Peach was also obsessed with poor Guinevere, and this disturbing streak threatened others’ safety and their consent.

Peach couldn’t even be killed easily, with the Netflix series’ biggest twists being her survival after Joe’s attack with a rock on her head. She was no one to be messed with and put up a vicious fight against Joe. note: They Wonder About Their Life


Love Quinn-Goldberg

While beautiful and very meme-able, Love Quinn-Goldberg was a fatal foe to have, and her string of kills and lack of remorse over them proved just how savage she could get. After killing the au pair for Forty and her own terminally ill husband, she went ahead and killed Candace who was trying to protect her, and then wanted to put down Joe (which may not have been too bad.) note: In Her First Interaction With Joe At Moony’s

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