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Sing 2: The 10 Best Songs In The Movie

Sing 2 reimagines many songs and uses music to pump up its audience with popular and catchy tunes. Here are the movie’s best songs, ranked.

Many amazing performers and actors came together to make Sing 2 and the sequel does not disappoint with its number of hit songs and cute story. This film focuses on Moon and his cast of talented animal performers as they get a spot for a stage extravaganza, but only if they can get Clay Calloway, a reclusive singer, to join their crew.

The film is full of music, goofy animal hijinks and stories that emphasize the importance of all kinds of love. Many of the songs in Sing 2 directly play into this theme and keep up the pace by intermixing plot and comedy to resonate with people of all ages.

10.”Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”

Ash sings this U2 song in front of Clay Calloway’s house and it’s an emotional scene that first establishes the bond between she and Clay. This song is one of the best in the film because it’s one of the first times that Clay seems to be coming around about playing in the extravaganza. note: Scream 5 (2022) Ganzer Film auf deutsch

Sing 2 really centers on Ash and Clay, and because of that, this moment is essential to the plot and one of the few moments in the movie where a song is slow and somber. Though it’s a pretty short scene, the tempo of the melody compared to the rest of the film emphasizes its importance.

9.”Heads Will Roll”

“Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a great song for Ash, played by Scarlett Johansson, and it introduces her character in this film. Not only was this an unexpected song choice for a star like Johansson, who just released Black Widow, but she absolutely rocked out in this song and made it her own.

This song also sets up the fact that Ash is kind of a big deal in the music world of Sing 2 and it makes her out to be a rockstar. Overall, it defines her character and makes audiences excited to see what else she will cover in the rest of the movie. note: Spencer (2022) Ganzer Film auf Deutsch

8.”Where The Streets Have No Name”

“Where The Streets Have No Name” is another U2 song that Moon’s crew and Ash sing to audition for Mr. Crystal’s stage show in the capital, where everyone can see them perform.

The harmonies with all the characters in this song are so beautiful and perfectly show off their talents. Though things don’t really work out as they had originally planned, this a cappella moment captures the different qualities and tones of each of these actors’ voices in a unique way compared to the rest of Sing 2.

7.”Say A Little Prayer For You”

“Say A Little Prayer For You” is an Aretha Franklin song that goes great with Meena’s voice and also with the story in this particular moment. She is clearly overwhelmed before it starts and doesn’t know if she can pull it off, but she does.

During the song, to help her make the performance believable, she imagines she’s performing with her crush, Alfonso, rather than Darius, a self-absorbed performer she has to work with. This song gives her the courage to finally ask him out and it’s dreamlike in its visual storytelling as she sings the song. note: Pleasure (2022) Ganzer Film auf Deutsch

6.”Could Have Been Me”

“Could Have Been Me” is sung by a new member of the group, Crystal’s daughter, Porsha, who Sing 2 fans on Twitter seem to love. This Struts song was an interesting choice, but it does encapsulate this character who is a go-getter that wants to be a great performer, just like everyone else.

Although Porsha struggles with acting, her singing is outstanding, and this song’s alien-like visual effects are really intricate and well designed to match the music at times. Halsey’s voice is outstanding as she passionately belts out this song and it’s one of the most unusual sets in the final extravaganza.

5.”Your Song Saved My Life”

“Your Song Saved My Life” is the final song of the movie performed and written by U2 especially for Sing 2. This song plays as Moon and his crew ride off into the sunset on the way to their next adventure. note: Kaiserschmarrndrama (2021) Ganzer Film auf Deutsch

This song directly correlates with Clay Calloway’s story in this film and how he found his way back to joy through music. Even though it’s not sung by any of the characters, it gives the plot a nice bookend and it’s a final song that is touching and special to the film.

4.”Let’s Go Crazy”

The beginning of the film features a cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” with Moon’s entire crew singing and enjoying themselves. This is one of the most carefree songs in the movie because it comes before the main conflict starts and involves and introduces a lot of the members of the cast.

This song is vibrant and has some cute dancing and fun moments that show just how far Moon and his musical misfits have come since the ending of the last film. Johnny and Meena sing this song together and pump up the audience, getting them ready to listen to more of what these characters have to offer.

3.”Break Free”

Rosita’s rendition of “Break Free” is full of drama and character development. Not only does Reese Witherspoon, who is in many TV shows and films, sing the song in a nuanced way compared to Ariana Grande, but Rosita, the character, gets over her fear of heights during the performance. The costumes in this number are also spectacular.

When Rosita sees Moon falling after being pushed off a ledge, even though she was hesitating to jump for her show, she instantly goes to help her friend in trouble. When she saves Moon, she puts her love of her friend over her fear. She also does this all while singing this extreme soprano song, impressively.

2.”Sky Full Of Stars”

“Sky Full of Stars,” originally performed by Coldplay, is a great song for Johnny in his final performance of the film. Not only does the actor, Taron Egerton, know how to sing with the piano, but when the song breaks out into a stage-wide dance set, it becomes even more interesting. note: West Side Story (2021) Ganzer Film auf Deutsch

Though the song is intercut with other drama happening in the movie around Moon and Calloway, Johnny’s singing and dancing are some of the highlights of the film. Because Johnny had such a big story arc in Sing, it’s also easier to root for his character here, as he has gone through a lot of hardship.

1.”Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

This U2 song sung by Ash and Clay Calloway, played by Bono, as shown in the Sing 2 trailer, is easily the best of the film. Not only is it a soulful melody that fans of all ages should know, but it comes at the emotional climax of the movie when Clay finally decides to step out on stage and perform for the first time in a long time.

This moment restores everyone’s faith in music and its ability to heal. Not to mention, Johansson and Bono’s voices perfectly suit each other in this duet version of this famous song. It’s a ballad, of sorts, that carries emotional weight but still remains faster-paced, making it the best choice for this scene.