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Spider-Man: No Way Home Film Close To Stealing 2nd Best Domestic Box Office Opening

Given the Sunday night estimates we’re hearing for Spider-Man: No Way Home, it looks as though the Sony/Marvel movie is on the verge of overtaking Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War as the second best domestic box office opening of all-time with $257.64M-$260.6M. Infinity War opened in the final weekend of April 2018 to $257.698M. We’ll wait for Sony to officially call the new record in the morning, but it looks very promising.

While Sony reported this morning that the Jon Watts-directed movie would be down 22% today from Saturday’s $73.8M with $57.35M, we’re hearing from industry sources that No Way Home is off between -12% to -16% today from Saturday, which would mean a range of $61.99M to $64.94M. On the lower end, that keeps Spider-Man: No Way Home as the 3rd highest domestic opening of all-time, but with roughly $58K cash less than Infinity War‘s debut. Among all Sundays, Spider-Man: No Way Home looks to rank third behind Avengers: Endgame ($90.3M) and Avengers: Infinity War ($69.2M), and ahead of Star Wars: Force Awakens ($60.55M).

Anecdotally speaking, I went to see Spider-Man: No Way Home tonight at a multiplex 28 miles north of Hollywood. Earlier today, when I was booking tickets for a prime evening show (in either Imax, Dolby or PLF), it appeared unlikely as Fandango kept timing out. By 4:30PM, there was only one seat left at the new AMC Porter Ranch’s Dolby auditorium for a 7:30PM show, however, three seats surfaced at the Regal Valencia Imax, which had its 7:50PM show filled to the brim.

Wherever Spider-Man: No Way Home lands, it’s already the gift that keeps on giving. To think that a year at this time, exhibition was on its knees and a franchise film like Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984 couldn’t even open because several markets were down, including box office capitals NYC and LA (not to mention the day-and-date HBO Max of it all). And even if it’s just the 18-34 year olds who are heading to the cinema, in the end, it’s a ton of cash, and proof that for 20M people who took in No Way Home this weekend, moviegoing isn’t dead.

Spider-Man: No Way Home coming to Disney Plus?

Thanks to Sony’s deal with Starz, No Way Home is slated to have its streaming release exclusively on the TV service early next year, following the movie’s.

‘Spider-Man’ Opens to $253 Million This Weekend

There are a few weekends that changed the course of the movie business. One was June 20-22, 1975, when Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” invented the wide-release blockbuster. Another is December 12-17, 2021, when “Spider-Man: No Way Home” opened to $253 million domestic — and Spielberg’s “West Side Story” dropped 68 percent in its second weekend, to gross $3.4 million.

Sony’s Marvel movie is the savior film to answer theaters’ prayers. For now, its outstanding performance saved the exhibition business. With the biggest opening weekend since “Avengers: Endgame” set the opening record in April 2019, “No Way Home” proves beyond doubt that an audience will race to theaters for for certain films.

Here’s the rub. With $357 million, “Spiderman : No Way Home Kijken Nedherland” represented 88 percent of the total box office, with another $45 million.