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Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 10 Villain Reveal Star

Superman & Lois star Jordan Elsass has discussed season 2 episode 10’s shocking twist explaining Bizarro Jonathan Kent’s character and motivation. Elsass plays the Inverse World counterpart to Superman’s son in the CW DC Comics series. The actor stars alongside Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, and Alex Garfin as the Kent family. Following the surprise appearance of Bizarro Superman (played by Hoechlin) at the start of the second season, Superman & Lois has taken fans into the alternative homeworld of Clark Kent’s doppelganger. After cult leader Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt) escaped into the Inverse World in episode 9, “30 Days and 30 Nights”, Superman pursued the villain, disappearing from his respective world for a month until the Bizarro version of Jonathan reveals to the Kent family that he arrived too late to stop her. After exploring the Inverse world and Bizarro’s origin in episode 10, “Bizarro in a Bizarro World,” the episode revealed that Clark had learned the Inverse World version of his son was in fact in league with Ally all along. Following Jonathan’s shocking betrayal, Elsass has discussed the surprising truth of Bizarro Jonathan.

Elsass discussed how he approached playing a twisted version of his original character. The actor said he played Bizarro Jonathan with different mannerisms to his Prime-Earth counterpart, wanting to display him with a subtle arrogance that didn’t make him too obviously an antagonistic figure. Despite playing the character with an underlying villainous side, Elsass also emphasized that the character was still young and learning about the world, suggesting that Bizarro Jonathan isn’t yet a fully-dedicated villain. Check out Elsass’s full response below. I was trying to play it as he has an entirely different demeanour about him than regular Jonathan. He walks with a different posture and has an arrogance about him. It’s subtle, but it is there. I had to tone it down just enough in that first scene where I appear so it wouldn’t be too obvious, but I also didn’t want to drop it completely because obviously Jon El’s not an actor.

The origins of the Bizarro Kent family, fans are now finally receiving the long-awaited backstories for the Arrowverse’s Clark and Lois. The couple’s Daily Planet days were explored in the comic, Earth-Prime: Superman & Lois. In the series’ second issue, a flashback story explored the beginning of Clark and Lois’ marriage when they were still employees of the newspaper company. The Prime-Earth Superman would settle in Smallville with Lois and his sons after the buyout of the Daily Planet in the first season. However, the Inverse World’s Superman instead became a celebrity of his world, neglecting his family and becoming obsessed with the fame his heroics bring. Like the other residents of the Inverse world, Bizarro Jonathan is a stark contrast to his Prime-Earth counterpart. Not only is Bizarro Jonathan gifted with powers, but he has grown up with a colder childhood unlike the loving environment of Prime-Earth’s Kent family. However, with Elsass suggesting that Bizarro Jonathan is still learning, Prime-Earth may show the villain that a different life is possible before Superman & Lois’ finale airs on June 29.

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